Devastation at Virginia Tech

On Monday morning, U.S. history was forever changed, when a 23-year-old student committed the deadliest shooting on American soil.

On the Virginia Tech college campus, 33 students were shot dead by Cho Seung-Hui, a South Korean native, studying English with a student visa. Police in Blacksburg, Va. have concluded that Seung-Hui was responsible for the two shootings on campus; first in a college dorm, and then in classrooms nearly two hours later. After the massacre ended, the gunman took his own life.

President Bush said the "nation is shocked and saddened" by the shootings, and the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives both held a moment of silence. READ MORE

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"Thanks for the excellent coverage today. My son is a sophomore at VT and was in class in another building during the Norris shootings. My son's roommate was in Norris barricaded in one of the classrooms during the shooting. He said the gunman fired two rounds into the room through the door. We need to ask why the campus was not locked down after the first 9-11 call at 7:15 a.m. Why were students allowed to go to class for another two hours when they did not have the shooter in custody? We just had a similar incident in August, and apparently NO steps were taken to protect the students after the first shootings were reported." — Jim

"Right now school zones are a gun-free zone. As it stands now, the only people that carry guns on campus are criminals. So why don't you bring up that if schools allowed for concealed carry on eligible students perhaps fewer would die in these shootings." — Chris (Vancouver, WA)

"One reason I believe students went to class even after hearing about the initial shooting was that some teachers hold class no matter what. Here at the University of Alabama, some teachers still hold class and tests even when there are tornado warnings or other events. Yes, there are rules against this, but the professors are rarely punished. So students are afraid to miss a class, or a test for that matter." — L.F.

"First, may I send my sincere condolences to your countrymen that have and are suffering after the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech. What most people outside of the U.S. can't understand though is that this is not the first, and it won't be the last — because of people's pathological love affair with firearms." — Gary (Cambridge, England)

"As an NRA life member, the 2nd Amendment speaks simply of the right to bear arms. The citizens, students and faculty of schools are denied their right to carry arms in their defense due to laws and policies of our government. If only one citizen was carrying, many if not all lives would have been saved. Our inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are our personal responsibility, yet the government attempts to take these rights away from us on a regular basis.T his is what the NRA and I stand for." — Jeff (Warren, MI)

"Our hearts are with family and friends of the victims at this sad time. You may be far from our home, but not from our thoughts." B.D. (Kilmarnock, Scotland)

"My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families involved in this tragic incident. The schools in the U.S. have taken so much this year with school shootings why is nothing being done to prevent this from happening. Maybe President Bush should take a look around and realize they need tougher gun laws and such. There is no need for all these shootings." — Jackie

"A sign of our times and culture. Look at the video games and movies some parents allow your children to grow up, and even worship. How sad." — Randy (Las Vegas, NV)

"You need to ask VT why in August, when I was there moving my daughter into school, we were allowed to walk around campus for hours while a shooter was loose in Blacksburg. We were given NO notice until hours after that man had shot people and was running around that there was a problem. Well, once again here we are: my daughter was walking around campus at 9:45 a.m. this morning with no idea a shooting had taken place until I told her I heard it on the news in Sterling, VA. VT needs to decide what is more important keeping classes open or children's lives!! I am horrified to learn these children could have been saved. God bless them and their heartbroken parents." — Nancy (Sterling, VA)

"My son is a senior ME Engineering student at Virginia Tech, who should have been in Norris Hall this morning to work on his senior project, but he decided to wait until his class at 11:00 a.m. to go over to Norris Hall and work on his project afterwards. There was an angel watching over him. My prayers are with all the other parents and students." — Diane

"This is a terrible act, and I send my heartfelt sympathy to the families." — Dorothy

"Please convey to those family, friends, and victims of this tragedy my family's prayers and sympathy today. Many things can be said about concern and strength right now that may sound trite or cliché but know that these sentiments are truly felt around the U.S. today. God bless all of you." — Kaye (Clifton, NJ)

"So much for schools being 'gun-free' zones. This heinous act highlights the difference between pointless feel-good legislation and reality." — Guillermo

"My thoughts and prayers go out directly to the victim's families. I pray they will be notified as quickly as possible because I'm sure there are thousands of parents who are in confusion and chaos right now. Being a parent my hearts sink of the thought of what they are going through right now." — Sarah (Dallas, TX)

"Perhaps if our current political climate wasn't so focused on terror fights in other countries, we might be able to direct the attention of those at the helm towards safeguarding our children. What has our country come to that our kids are injured and killed in America's schools, let alone that the government sends those students fortunate enough to survive schooling just to be in harm's way in other countries?" — Jennifer (Woodway, WA)

"It's another tragic day in America. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone at Virginia Tech. I'm saddened by the fact that someone would do something so careless." — Pete

"I am saddened beyond belief that some very sick individuals think killing is the only way they can express themselves. It is beyond my imagination how anyone could do this. How horrific for the parents and loved ones of those students who were victims today and how terrible for them that they will have to see it played out over and over on TV for a very long time. I am so very sorry for all of those who lost a friend, a loved one or a classmate today." — Linda

"Given the technology readily available to detect weapons and ammo, there is no excuse for this type of crime to occur. Two handguns and several pounds of brass and powder? Come on … that's enough metal to set off a toy detector. Moreover, when you factor in the outrageous tuitions students must pay, you've got to assume that Virginia Tech had the financial means to provided adequate security. The University didn't cause the slaughter, but it is obvious that they were ill prepared to stop a tragedy in the making." — Greg (Marshall, TX)

"I think that the press needs to cut the security and law enforcement some slack. They are doing their best. This is a huge area, not one building to lock down. I think locking down the entire college would have been impossible. I am sorry for the students and family and my prayers are with them. God bless everyone involved." — Anita

"I would like to know why it took two hours between shootings to respond to the second shooting. It is reported that a student e-mailed the police, and yet the response was less than timely." — Jim (Bluffton, SC)

"I am deeply saddened by this incident. My heart is with the family members that are finding out they have lost there children, loved ones, etc. I wish the media would stop trying to blame someone and become more proactive in finding preventative measures for these horrible crimes. Stop finding someone to blame and fire, and let's find a way to make campuses safer." — Heather (Florida)

"I'm an alumnus of Virginia Tech (B.A., Class of '75; M.A., 1977). I am horrified at the news of the mass murder that occurred there today, and I am deeply saddened that the killer took so many innocent lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those victims." — Hugh (Placentia, CA)

"I believe this incident could have been avoided if the staff and authorities would have acted right away and canceled their classes." — Craig (University of Missouri student)

"Why doesn't someone blame the shooter for this tragedy? The officials at Virginia Tech are not to blame. I'm sick and tired of it ALWAYS being someone else's fault in these situations. Evidently every institution must be totally prepared for the worst scenario. That is impossible. Granted, much more should be done to help prevent these terrible acts. Rather than using all this wasted energy on the 'blame game' why not use it for brainstorming preventive measures." — Judie (Tennessee)

"All schools in the U.S. need to have metal detectors in order to have students attending. It needs to be mandatory. No it will not stop ALL violence, but it would stop gun violence in schools. It is getting closer and closer to the day when somebody goes into one of our elementary schools and hurts our young children. Let's stop this violence before it gets any worse." — Jennifer

"As a college freshman, I cannot imagine what it must be like to have such a tragedy occur on campus. My heart goes out to all the families and students who have died. It is such a sad, sad situation. My prayers are with the Virginia Tech community." — Allison

"How many more incidents like this are to occur before proper security is taken at these universities? This is just simply another senseless tragedy that could have possibly been avoided at the door." — Bo

"My daughter lives in West Ambler Johnston on the fifth floor. Contrary to what President Steger said at the press conference, West AJ was not locked down. In fact, my daughter was told by her RA, while she was speaking to someone on the phone from the Dean of Students Office, that it was alright for her to go to her 9:00 am class! Fortunately, my daughter is a chicken and stayed in her dorm!" — Jennifer

"Students need to know better how to protect themselves, possibly even how to fight back, and if students were allowed to carry weapons this wouldn't happen." — Carol

"I suppose in our society I should not be shocked by the shootings at Virginia Tech that occurred today, but I am. I am shocked and saddened that we live in a society where someone thinks the answer to their problems is to senselessly kill others. Our family learned today that my niece, a freshman at Virginia Tech, was safe, but my heart aches for the families that will learn today that their son or daughter is not OK. I pray for the family and friends of the victims. I mourn for the Virginia Tech community. Virginia Tech is a big part of our life and family tradition. My husband has an undergraduate and graduate degree from Tech. Two of my husband's brothers also graduated from VT. My niece is following in a family tradition that I hope one day my daughters will follow and attend this fine university. My hearts goes out to everyone affected by the terrible senseless tragedy. I pray for the families of the victims. I pray for our country, the state of Virginia and the city of Blacksburg." — Kim (Richmond, VA)