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I missed the special "Socks, Scissors, Paper: The Sandy Berger Caper," and would like to know if it will be re-broadcast, and if so, when. Thanks! — Ken (Missouri City, TX)

Glad you enjoyed our FOX News investigation, Socks, Scissors, Paper: The Sandy Berger Caper, hosted by David Asman, which revealed the untold details of Sandy Berger's caper — including an exclusive interview with the first investigator on the case. Because of all the positive feedback we received on the special, we're re-airing it this weekend — Sat. April 14 and Sun. April 15 at 4pm ET.

Click over for more information, and please send us your comments ... your feedback is important.

What is the process for applying to be an intern with Fox? Thank you. — Candace

FOX News Channel is recognized as one of the premier internship opportunities in the industry ... and we're glad you want to be a part of that! Our internship program prepares future news professional to be fair and balanced and well-rounded journalists. Those chosen for our specialized program will be paired with industry leaders gaining real world experience coupled with practical hands-on training. Get a head start in your career and an unfair advantage in the job market with an FNC internship.

To be considered forward your resume to:
FOX News Channel
Dept. of Human Resources
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Fax: 212-301-8588

* You must receive school credit for your internship to be considered.

Please include in your cover letter why you want to be a future news professional and why you should be accepted to the FOX News Internship Experience. (Note: Summer Application Deadline was March 15, 2007)

I haven't received my "FNC Update" since Dec. 15th, 2006. Do I need to re-subscribe? — Karen

No worries! Here's a few steps to follow to get yourself back on track, and in the loop with our FOX Fan Scoop.

Step 1: Over the course of your membership, you may have changed your e-mail address and redirected our newsletters to your new address. You are more than likely still registered with your old e-mail address. If you recall that e-mail address, use it to log in to the site. Once you are successfully logged in you can then go to the Modify Your Profile page to change the old e-mail address to your current one.

Step 2: If you entered in your e-mail address in an attempt to modify your subscription, but was told that your information does not exist, then just visit our Registration page and sign up again. And this time around, you'll have the opportunity to make sure you're getting The Scoop, GretaWire, FOX 411, the CEO News Brief and Breaking News Alerts.

I keep asking, but never get an answer. What happened to the Bios page? Can't find it anywhere, and I always enjoyed checking out my favorite commentators. Thank you. — Richard (Conroe, TX)

The Bios page is on our site — always has been, and always will be! It's actually listed on the same page as our FNCTV schedule list of shows. Simply click on the SCHEDULE link in the upper right hand corner of the homepage, where there's a rotating list of shows and topics. Or better yet, click here.

You offer a lot of great mobile products, but I have no idea on costs. Is it FREE, or do I have to subscribe for a fee? — Gail

I'm glad you took notice of all our great mobile products. FOX News video is now on Cingular, Amp'd and Sprint phones! Click here to visit our Mobile center for a preview of what you'll get — up-to-the-minute, on-demand news clips plus made-for-mobile exclusives. And depending on the service you choose, you can find out how to subscribe and can even watch samples. But please read carefully — for certain sign-ups, regular voice, data or text messaging charges may be applied and are not included with your subscription to #FOXN, which provides 24/7 access to the FOX News Channel through your Cingular wireless phone. Dial #FOXN (#3696) to begin!

Thank you for your fair and balanced news. I think that it's time for Fox News to feature a regular religious advocate who can appear when needed on all the various shows, day and evening. I appreciate the legal views of experts like Judge Napolitano and the medical information clarified by Dr. Manny. Why not a religious expert? — Sonya (Little Rock, AR)

Don't doubt FNC! As a fair and balanced news organization, we already have religion experts, specifically Father Jonathan Morris and Lauren Green, who both appear often on the channel. Together, they cover the field of religion, from its all-encompassing effect on our lives, to faith issues. They can be seen and heard on-air reporting on segments that have to do with faith and spirituality. Also, they both write blogs, and you can read them on FOX Fan Central.

I just sent an e-mail to and now I see that it should be Do you get the e-mails addressed both ways? Which is correct? — Donna

We encourage you to continue to communicate with us — please know that your e-mails are read and your comments are taken into consideration! But since we have recently changed our address to to avoid spam, we only receive mail through that account. If you send something to our old account,, we will not receive it — which is bad for both you and us.

And, as you can imagine, we receive thousands of messages a day from our viewers, and while we appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback, we cannot respond to every question or comment directly.

Has anybody at FOX News served in the military? — George

We have several contributors and a number of reporters with a military background. Here's three to start with:

Colonel David Hunt is an FNC contributor, bringing over 29 years of military experience including extensive operational experience in Special Operations, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Operations.

Oliver L. North serves as host of the FOX News Channel program War Stories, which airs Sundays. North is a combat-decorated Marine, author, founder of a small business, inventor who holds three U.S. patents, syndicated columnist and former candidate for the United States Senate.

Greg Kelly is a White House correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC). He joined FNC as an Atlanta-based correspondent in 2002. Before pursing his career in journalism, Kelly spent nine years as a fighter jet pilot in the United States Marine Corps. During his military service, Kelly amassed 158 aircraft carrier landings and flew over Iraq in Operation Southern Watch, enforcing the United Nations imposed "No-Fly Zone." He currently holds the rank of Major in the Marine Corp Reserves.

But we encourage all FOX Fans to visit our Bios page to read a little bit about everyone.

I am the owner /operator of Hotel Santo Tomas located here in San Jose, Costa Rica. We proudly carry FOX News on our cable TV in the rooms and throughout out the hotel. Please include my hotel and create a new country listing for Fox: COSTA RICA! — Thomas

Welcome travelers and Fox Fans from across the globe! We know there's no substitute for Fox News and you we're glad you don't deny our fair and balanced coverage to your guests. It's a big world and we'd love to help you out by adding your hotel and country listing to our database of international hotels that carry FOX News. E-mail so we can add you! And, thanks for watching!

On Saturday, March 31, you aired a segment on Iraqi war heroes. It had to do with a firefight that your embedded crew filmed that happened a couple years ago. Ultimately, Sgt. Roger Watts received a silver medal for his heroism. I missed this segment and have not been able to find it on your website. Can you please help me find it? Sgt. Watts is my son's best friend. Thank you so much. — Linda

Back in 2004, Master Sgt. Roger Watts risked his life to save his men who were under attack, and for that FNC honored him in our ongoing series, "American Heroes." You can go to our FOX Fan Exclusives page to watch the episode, and for extra clips.

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