Florida Robber Apologizes, Allows Clerk to Call 911 After She Has Heart Pain

A gunman robbing a convenience store allowed the clerk to call 911 and apologized after the woman said she might be having a heart attack. But he still took $30 and cigarettes.

The masked man entered the Kangaroo Express store early Saturday in this Orlando suburb and pointed what appeared to be a semiautomatic handgun at 60-year-old clerk Mary Parker, surveillance camera video released Thursday showed. He demanded access to the safe, but she said she didn't have the keys.

He told her to empty the cash register into a bag. He then pulled up a stool for her to sit down and told her he was doing this because no one would hire him and he had bills to pay.

She started hyperventilating and pleaded with the gunman for help.

"I have heart trouble. Help me," Parker said.

"I'm sorry, ma'am," the gunman replied.

"I have heart trouble," Parker told him.

"Ma'am, it's gonna be all right," the gunman said.

"I'm probably gonna have a heart attack," Parker said.

"Oh my, ma'am, please do not have a heart attack. Please do not have a heart attack. Please don't, ma'am," he said.

The gunman let Parker call 911 and when the store phone didn't work, he let her get her cell phone. She told the operator she was having a heart attack, but doesn't mention the robber. She then sat back down on the stool.

A customer came in and, without seeing the gunman, tried to calm Parker. She hands him the phone and he speaks to the 911 operator.

The gunman then reappeared and told the man to get into the beverage cooler.

He then grabbed his loot and apologized again

"You have a good day. I'm sorry this had to happen. I'm sorry. God!" he moaned. He then went out the door.

Police said Parker is OK.