Our Daddy the Soldier

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This poem was submitted on behalf of Giannah Aubrey Cleary-Ruark, by her third-grade teacher, Ron James, from the Ware Elementary School on the military base in Fort Riley, Kan.

All of Mr. James' students are children of military parents, having either a mother or father in the Army.

Our Daddy the Soldier
By Giannah Aubrey Cleary-Ruark, age 9
Our Daddy wears combat boots,
He has the cammies too,
And we all think it’s really cool,
What our daddy has to do.
We send things to my daddy
When he’s gone away,
And wait for him to call,
Mostly everyday.
I love it when my daddy calls,
His voice is soft and warm,
My daddy likes when I talk to,
It makes him feel at home.
It scares us when my daddy
Doesn’t call us at home,
But mommy says he just can’t talk,
And that we’re not alone.
I love the special feeling
When he’s getting off the plane,
I’m so excited it scares me,
To know he’s home again!
My daddy is a soldier,
He stands tall and proud,
When we ask him what he is,
He says SSG. RUARK really loud!

We’re proud of our daddy,
And I’m sure he is too,
We think it’s really awesome,
What our daddy has to do!


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