Who cares about ratings when you've got your very own hunky triathlete on the mark and ready to go?

Katie Couric's dishy new boy toy is a good-looking, physically fit, almost 33-year-old from Manhattan's East Side with a posh pedigree.

Brooks Perlin — son of financier Sanford Perlin of Darien, Conn. — has been running around with the perky anchorwoman-turned-cougar for several months, according to a source.

"These are two private people and I respect that," said Sanford Perlin Wednesday when reached at his office at Kleos Capital Management.

His mother, Anne Perlin, 68, didn't want to comment on her son's new 50-year-old girlfriend.

"I don't believe in any meddling in people's personal lives," she said.

When pressed, she added, "It's a lovely story and I hope we don't ruin it."

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