Voter Apathy Reaches New Depths in Missouri Alderman's Race

It's hard enough when elections are decided by one or only a few votes. But what happens when no votes are cast?

That's what the small Missouri town of Missouri City is facing after one of its candidates for City Council received zero votes in this week's election — not even the candidate himself voted, reports the Kansas City Star.

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Ward 3 alderman candidate Joe Selle said it slipped his mind to vote, even after seeing people at the school where polling was taking place.

"It never occurred to me that’s what they were there for,” Selle told the paper.

Missouri City has roughly 300 residents, and 197 are registered to vote. In another uncontested City Council race, only two people cast votes.

According to the city's charter, which came into force in 1859, Selle gets to keep his job until a replacement is "successfully elected and qualified."