Laura's Lowdown: Soprano Style.

FOX Radio: Laura Talks to Vince Curatola
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So, what does it take for a tough guy actor to bring himself to a shaking, sobbing, vulnerable mess on camera? For one wise guy, it's going to a very dark, personal place inside his mind.

If you are a fan of HBO mob hit "The Sopranos," then you'll know what I'm referring to when it comes to actor Vince Curatola. He plays Tony Soprano's New Jersey counterpart, "Johnny Sack," a character who had one heck of a breakdown last season.

The dramatic chain of events unfolds at his daughter's wedding; "Johnny" was granted a day pass from prison by the feds, but then wants to stay at the celebration for a little while longer. You'll be surprised and touched to hear how he got himself to be so emotional on camera for the scene.

I had the chance to have a nice sit down interview with Vince, as he prepares to finish the last and final episodes of the show, set to premiere this Sunday. (So sad!)

I did the interview for FOX News Radio affiliates. It was such a treat to be back behind the radio microphone — I have worked in radio most of my life, so this was a very comfortable experience. During our chat, Vince told me about what life is like on the set of "The Sopranos," what he sings when he jumps on stage with the classic rock band "Chicago," and why he puts anchovies in his spaghetti sauce.

Despite his tough guy image, I thought he was very kind and talked so lovingly about his wife. He even told me he was going to watch the premiere this weekend with her … and it's not in the living room.

The FOX News team was able to pull this audio interview out of the radio archives to share with you; I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did!

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Laura Ingle has been a correspondent with FNC since 2005, and most recently reported for the Gerardo At Large syndicated news magazine program. She currently is based in New York.

Laura Ingle currently serves as a New York-based correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) and also frequently anchors She joined FNC as a Dallas-based correspondent in 2005.