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Question 1: Aides to Sen. Hillary Clinton say the New York Democrat secured $26 million in the first three months of this year toward her run for president. While the aides would not specify how many of her contributions were designated only for the primary election, candidates cannot touch their general election money, and must do what with it if they do not win the nomination?

A. Burn it because it's bad luck
B. Give it to the winning candidate
C. Return it to the donors
D. Donate it to their favorite charity

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Question 2: On Monday, on the second anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death, Roman Catholic Church officials passed a key milestone in the drive to do what?

A. Discredit the pontiff completely
B. Make the pontiff a saint
C. Make a 'Lifetime' documentary
D. Rename St. Peter's Basilica in honor of the pontiff

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Question 3: On Monday, on an emotional opening day, the New York Yankees honored Cory Lidle, who was killed in a plane crash Oct. 11 in New York after finishing last season with the team. Which person — who was old friends and high school teammates with Lidle — escorted the widow's wife and son toward the mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch?

A. Joe Torre, Yankees manager
B. Darryl Strawberry, a former Yankee
C. Bobby Murcer, a longtime Yankees player and broadcaster
D. Jason Giambi, designated hitter

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Question 4: A high-speed train with a souped-up engine and wheels broke the world speed record Tuesday for conventional rail trains, reaching 357.2 mph. Which country takes credit for the black and chrome train, named the V150?

A. Japan
B. France
C. China
D. Germany

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Question 5: On Monday, Whirlpool Corp. announced that it has selected Clay Jackson of Richmond, Va., as the character to promote the reliability of its Maytag brand of large appliances — bringing an end to their nationwide search for the "new face of Maytag." What is Maytags' tagline?

A. When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.
B. Our repairmen are the loneliest guys in town.
C. Ask the man who owns one.
D. The place with the helpful hardware man.

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Question 6: In what is being called the latest challenge to the White House by congressional Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi upset some people in the U.S., including President Bush, by doing what?

A. Resigning from her position; saying she can't handle the pressure
B. Bashing Bush in a video posted on her Website
C. Taking a trip to Syria for peace talks
D. Throwing her hat into the 2008 presidential ring

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Question 7: On Wednesday, Rolling Stones' band member Keith Richards refuted a controversial comment he made about his deceased father's ashes in an interview with NME magazine, saying it was said "in jest"; what exactly did Richards say?

A. He saved the ashes in his guitar
B. He wears the ashes in a vial around his neck
C. He snorted some of the ashes with a hit of cocaine
D. He threw the ashes onto the audience during a concert

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Question 8: A mathematician, who applies math to real-life situations, predicted what about the New York Yankees?

A. That the team will win 110 of 162 games this season, more than any other major league team
B. That the team will play the New York Mets in a Subway Series
C. That team Manager Joe Torre would be fired, after 12 years
D. Alex Rodriguez will hit his 500th home run

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Question 9: Why did Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad say he "pardoned" (and ultimately released) the 15 British sailors and Marines who were detained by Iran for 13 days?

A. It was "quid pro quo" agreement for a prisoner swap of an Iranian diplomat
B. Because the U.S. might allow Iranian diplomats to visit five countrymen arrested in Iraq three months ago
C. It was a "gift" to the British people to celebrate the birth of the prophet Muhammad and Easter
D. All of the above

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Question 10: The March employment report painted a stronger picture of the U.S. job market than anticipated. Hiring in what vocation helped boost the overall count to 180,000 new jobs?

A. Carpentry
B. Construction
C. Electronics
D. Mechanics

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BONUS Question: The flame-throwing, river-jumping, talking muscle car from the `80s TV show "Knight Rider," which starred David Hasselhoff, is up for sale. What was the car's name?

A. Herby
C. Speed Racer
D. The Love Bug

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