Coming Up on FOX News Sunday

April 8, 2007

Our guests this week include:

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), Democratic Conference Vice-Chair
Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House

With the White House and Congressional Democrats in full battle mode over everything from the war in Iraq to the firing of U.S. attorneys, what can we expect to see when Congress returns to Washington next week? President Bush is vowing to veto the Democrats' bill calling for U.S. troops to leave Iraq in 2008 but Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid is now pledging to respond to a veto with legislation cutting off funding to the war effort if troops are not withdrawn. Will Democrats up the ante in their attempt to end the war?

Meanwhile, Democrats are calling for the Justice Department to release additional documents related to the U.S. attorney firings as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales prepares his make or break testimony for April 17. Is there still a smoking gun yet to be found or is the U.S. Attorney firing just a cause celebre for Democrats to attack President Bush?

We will debate all the key foreign and domestic policy issues with two key political leaders known for advocating big solutions in what should be an lively debate; Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), a key Democratic leader and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Newt Gingrich , former Speaker of the House and a Fox New Political Analyst.

Our panel will then discuss the controversy over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria as well as the latest 2008 political developments. Joining us will be: Brit Hume of FOX News, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, Juan Williams of National Public Radio, and Mara Liasson of National Public Radio.

Plus, our power player of the week uses his sharp wit to critique official Washington- the author of the widely-praised "Thank you for Smoking" Christopher Buckley. His new book is, "Boomsday."

So, check your local listings and we'll see you on the next FOX News Sunday,

Chris Wallace