Why ABC Should Take Rosie Off the Air

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Let me tell you why I think Rosie is doing damage that goes beyond her just being mouthy:

Rosie's whole line these days — besides the obvious "impeach Bush" stuff — is about 7 World Trade Center and the way it collapsed on 9/11. This is that whole bit about fire not melting steel and such other nonsensical garbage.

The basic thrust of her argument is that the way 7 WTC came down proves 9/11 was a set-up job, because if that building was brought down by demolition charges — which she insists it must have been — then the other World Trade Towers were brought down the same way, not by the hijackers.

When asked directly who does she think is responsible, she says I don't know.

That is not true. She thinks she does know and it's probably on this point that ABC lawyers have told her: This is a line in the sand, do not cross.

The people who push the WTC line are The 9/11 Truth Movement people and their whole thrust is that the hijackers either didn't actually fly those planes into buildings, or if they did, they were set-up by big mysterious forces.

The 9/11 Truth people believe explosives brought down the Towers, not the planes and their tons of jet fuel. They also believe it was a missile attack on the Pentagon, not the crash of Flight 77. And they believe it was the U.S. government which perpetrated the attacks.

They believe it was George Bush and Dick Cheney who set up the attacks in order to have an excuse to rape and pillage the Middle East.

Rosie isn't saying that, but she is leading the audience to a place where they will discover these charges and if they believe like Rosie that there was something fishy in the way the buildings came down, they will believe it was Bush.

Rosie can't prove any of this stuff, but she can shill for the 9/11 Truthers on ABC's airwaves and the network should stop her. Holding her short of saying Bush did it is not enough if she leads people to that conclusion by pushing the rest of the theory.

That is why ABC should take her off. If they're not willing to say Bush did 9/11, they shouldn't let her purvey such an incendiary claim.

That's My Word.

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