Report: Al Qaeda-Linked Group Attempted to Assassinate Dalai Lama

Security forces surrounding the Dalai Lama have been increased after reports that an Al Qaeda-linked terror group attempted to assassinate the spiritual leader.

The 72-year-old Tibetan Buddhist has been given a three-tiered security ring to protect him after the assassination attempt by Lashkar-e-Toiba surfaced, reported The Australian newspaper.

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All those who come close to the exiled Tibetan chief, who lives in the Himalayan foothills, will be watched closely by trained Tibetan security guards as well as heavily armed deployments of Indian police.

All visitors are now being body-searched before being allowed to approach the Dalai Lama, who is scheduled to make a widely anticipated visit to parts of Australia in June, before which he will visit the U.S.

In a recent document, Usama bin Laden reportedly denounced "pagan Buddhism" as part of his broad attack against anything not Islamic.