Pelosi Defies Bush Policy

The first female House speaker is wrapping up her tour of Middle East counties, where she spoke to officials about relations between them and America, and peace policies.

Nancy Pelosi most recently visited Saudi Arabia, after a visit with Syrian President Bashar Assad. The controversial meeting was a clear defiance of the White House Middle East policy. Pelosi is the highest-ranking American official to visit Syria, since relations began to deteriorate in 2003 — the Bush administration has rejected talks with Damascus and criticized the Speaker for her visit.

Pelosi's visits heightened tensions between the Bush administration and congressional Democrats, who have stepped up their push for change in U.S. policy in the Mideast and the Iraq war. READ MORE

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying!

"Ms. Pelosi should be brought up on treason charges. She falls in with Jane Fonda, and John Kerry. She is undermining what this country is trying to do— 'WIN A WAR.'" — E.D.

"I think it hurt the United States when Pelosi went there and acted like she was somebody worth listening to." — Ralph

"Why is she there? How will she help anyone? Her words mean nothing when speaking to foreign diplomats. She does not have diplomatic approval from the current administration. She is powerless over there or anywhere outside of the U.S." — Peter

"She is perhaps the most ignorant and arrogant politician to hit the beltway. She should be sanctioned and placed under a gag order to protect America and to prevent her from presenting her ignorance as America's opinion." — William

"Nancy has overstepped her authority and undermined whatever work the Bush administration might have been engaged in accomplishing. Her job description does not include 'diplomat.'" — Mema

"I am a registered Republican. Pelosi's trip is good for the United States interests in the region. Talking is better than shooting and turmoil. I think the Bush's administration should have dialog with friend and foe alike. While we talk, there is hope." — Nick

"It is my opinion that the president speaks for and runs our country with the help of our elected officials. It is not the elected officials that decide to talk to foreign countries without the blessing of Congress and/or the president. What she did is treason, plain and simple, and she should be removed from office." — Relsie

"I personally believe that such a unilateral act by the democrats is hurtful to the peace process, our nation, and our troops. Negotiating with such enemies has always proven to be counter productive." — Roberto (Texas)

"Pelosi should not meddle in foreign affairs during her vacation trip. She is worse than Jane Fonda because our world situation is more serious. She made the trip to try to hurt President Bush. I think most Americans see through her sweet smile as another weak kneed Democrat, who cares more about her own political career than the future safety of our great country. Pelosi is an example of a politician that will do and say anything to help her own misguided cause. Unfortunately, the drive by media will not criticize her for her latest mistake. Shame on her." — George

"Any American who loves this great nation should be enraged at the antics of Pelosi. She and the far left Democrats are out to defy the leader of our country, President Bush, any way they can. Americans should be outraged and demand an accounting for these irresponsible acts." — David

"Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to the U.S.A. She is promoting terrorism by going to this nation and supposedly encouraging peace talks with Israel. What has she become since becoming queen speaker of the house?" — Deb

"Of course it helped. How can you be a diplomat if you are not willing to practice diplomacy.? How can you practice diplomacy without verbal engagement? Bush does not even grasp this rudimentary concept!" — Dan (Chicago, IL)

"I definitely think she is hurting our relationship in the region. Here's a lady that won't even let our military ships into her port in San Francisco. Why are we letting her be a spokesperson for the United States of America? President Assad is probably still laughing at this lady. I'm embarrassed for her, and I hope the President is very upset. There may be a new Congress in town, but we still have the same sheriff. " — Bob (Ellensburg, WA)

"If Nancy Pelosi wants to play the part of president, she should throw her hat in the ring and try to win it. It's a lot easier to be a want to be leader, it's a job without the responsibilities! She should stay home and play grandmother." — Forrest

"Speaker Pelosi's visit to Syria can only help our relationship there. Along with the Republicans that visited the week prior, we cannot shut out diplomacy just because we do not agree with other nations." — Dan (St. Paul, MN)

"Ms. Pelosi was elected to speaker of the house, not the queen. Now, if a country gets no for an answer from the president, will they run to lobby congress? This is an outrage and cannot be allowed." — James (Tuscan, AZ)

"It is my opinion that Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria not only hurt the U.S., but also violated U.S. laws. All she did was embolden the terrorist sponsoring governments by demonstrating her lack of respect for the U.S. government. There can only be a negative ripple effect due to her actions — it's a very sad day for America indeed." — Steve

"I think it is a positive step. The Bush Administration's foreign and domestic policies have proven disastrous failures. The best political advice I could offer any politician is think like Bush and then do then COMPLETE opposite. He says no talking with Syria? Talk with Syria. He says stay in Iraq? Get out of Iraq. He says No Child Left Behind? Leave them behind, because his train is heading off a cliff into a deep, dark abyss. The harm these people have inflicted on this nation will not be absolved in my lifetime." — David (Pittsburgh, IL)

"Nancy Pelosi has now shown the world that she has no business in diplomacy. That is the State Department's job. Her politically motivated trip could potentially be very dangerous and heighten tensions in the already hazardous Middle East. " — Dr. Stephen (New Port Richey, FL)

"All I can say is one thing — The Logan Act of 1779." — Andrew

"Does Nancy Pelosi think that she knows all about foreign policy, U.S.A. affairs and the military operations in Iraq? The Democrats are lunatics. They think that only they can think logically. If we get out of Iraq before the country is stable, it will be taken over by Iran or al Qaeda. The Democrats will simply put the blame elsewhere and let gasoline prices go to $10 per gallon, have monthly U.S.A. terrorist attacks, or worse." — Jerry

"This was nothing more than a cheap stunt to embarrass the United States and the White House. This proves that she is a partisan mercenary hell bent on ruining our president. This is a very immature act. Pelosi has put her party and her personal opinion ahead of the best interest of the country as a whole. Very poorly thought out." — Jeff (Indiana)

"When did Nancy Pelosi become Secretary of State, or even worse president of the United States? How dare she assume this position that she has taken! It seems to me as if she is intentionally wanting to get Americans killed!" — Gloria (Phoenix, AZ)

"She is sending the wrong message to the entire world and has all the terrorist countries LAUGHING AT US." — Jon (Hawaii)

"I for one would like to know who the hell this woman thinks she is. Seems like the power she holds as speaker of the house has gone to her head. After attaining office, one of the first things she requested was a larger jet for herself. To carry what? Her visit to Syria? Does she really think that any talk at all will change the minds of these people? Will it make Israel give up the Golan Heights? They did that once and it turned into a costly nightmare for them." — Sheldon

"Concerning Nancy Pelosi's recent trip — I am an American and did not put her in office." — Caroline (Dunedin, FL)

"Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat Party should be ashamed of themselves. Their petty partisan battles are now threatening to do real harm. Nancy's stunt has gone far beyond simply making herself look like a fool. She is an embarrassment to this entire nation and our government." — Debby (Bismarck, ND)

"She is a joke. I'm sorry I voted for a change in Congress last fall." — Roger

"The U.S. government is like a very bad marriage. Each side hates each other and in fact does all it can to destroy the integrity of each other at the expense of its children, being the citizens of the U.S. Good parenting occurs when both parents figure out a compromise and speak with ONE VOICE. The Republicans and Democrats are destroying this country with their hatred of each other and their inability to work with each to attack the problems this country has. Nancy is all about Nancy. She has an eye on the oval office." — Susan (Mondovi WI)