Home Vandalized, Robbed After Craigslist Ad Promises 'Everything Is Free'

Multiple people vandalized a Washington home and made off with its contents after a Craigslist posting invited readers to enter the unlocked house and help themselves to anything for free, NBC’s King5.com Web site reported.

"I was attached to this home because it used to be my mom's," homeowner Laurie Raye told King5.com.

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The interior was practically gutted and garbage strewn about the yard, said Raye, who recently evicted the tenant and cleaned out the rental.

Neighbors said they saw various people entering the property and leaving with everything from the kitchen sink to the hot-water heater.

An off-duty Tacoma police officer saw the Craigslist ad last week, inviting people to help themselves to the property. He later saw that the ad had been canceled after a reported burglary.

"In the ad, it said 'come and take what you want,'” Raye said. “'Everything is free.'”