Iran Hostage Crisis

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Today's talking points featured the House speaker's trip to Syria and Tony Blair's battle to get back his 15 hostages. Let's just hope Britain gets their people back without giving into Iran's demands — or else you can expect a hostage crisis a month until we leave Iraq.

It was also "Author Tuesday" as Gary Sheffield, Colonel David Hunt and Richard Land all came by to talk sports, war and politics.

I was lambasted for my stand on a man in Arizona who was jailed for having tuberculosis. At least Gretchen and I had a chance to talk about the "Boy in the Bubble" starring John Travolta. It was a fun show overall as we welcomed Alisyn Camerota to life on the new "FOX & Friends."

We also reviewed Bill O'Reilly's new feud with Rosie O'Donnell. Although I was the first to call for her firing and it cost me 20 bucks in a bet, Bill is the one with the juice to make it happen.

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By the way, thanks so much for keeping us No. 1!


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