Sean's State of America

The new Iran hostage crisis has opened the eyes of the world to the dangerous threat that the mullahs and the hard line government pose to the West. Unless, of course, you are the San Francisco Speaker of the House.

Over the objection of the State Department, Nancy Pelosi is on her way to visit the Iranian terrorist satellite state of Syria this week. Making her the most senior U.S. official to visit Damascus in a long, long time.

But the trip comes as our country's closest allies, the British, are staring down serious terrorist masters in Tehran over the seizure of 15 Royal Navy personnel.

Now the lead Iranian negotiator with the West is Ali Larijani. He is the secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council. Now he is the one who went on state television the other day and withdrew the Iranian promise to release the one female British hostage, 26-year- old Faye Turney.

Now, as we reported before, Larijani is also the Iranian chief nuclear negotiator with the west and when negotiations broke down last summer in Europe, Larijani immediately flew to Damascus to meet with the Syrian President Assad and within hours of that meeting Iranian and Syrian backed Hezbollah terrorists kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, provoking the bloody war with Israel that threatened to destabilize the entire Middle East.

Now, they were so successful in diverting world attention from Iran's nuclear programs that the war in Lebanon even became the focus of the G-8 summit just a few weeks later.

So now, the Iranians and Syrians are at it again. The U.N. Security Council is about to act and surprise, surprise, more hostages are taken.

One again the Iranian nuclear program takes a back seat. But never fear, here comes the San Francisco speaker.

Now it's bad enough that before she left the speaker wouldn't bring to vote a Republican resolution condemning Iran for this new hostage crisis.

Instead she decides to spend her spring break frolicking with Tehran's terrorist minions. When you come from a city that bans military recruiters and teaches schoolchildren using left wing books with antiwar propaganda cartoons, I guess playing volleyball with terrorists doesn't seem like too much of a stretch.

And that is the "State of America" tonight.

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