How Much News Do You Know?

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Question 1: On Monday, it was concluded by military investigators that no criminal wrong doing was found in the friendly fire death of former NFL player Pat Tillman; what does a Pentagon investigation now recommend for the case?

A. That investigators exhume Tillman's body and re-examine the evidence
B. That no more NFL players sign up for the Armed Forces
C. That action be taken against nine officers who made errors in reporting his death
D. That all talk about his death cease, or court-martials will be put into effect

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Question 2: On Tuesday, Iran said the 15 British sailors and Marines it detained last week were healthy and have been treated humanely. What was speculated to be the initial reason of why the Iranians captured the sailors?

A. The capture was a warning to the U.S. to stop maneuvers in the Persian Gulf
B. Iran wanted to trade nuclear weapons for the sailors and Marines
C. Iran thought the standoff would drive down international oil prices
D. Iran wanted to use the prisoners as leverage in trying to get five Iranians officials out of prison

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Question 3: On Tuesday, the White House announced that its press secretary, Tony Snow, is once again stricken with cancer after doctors found a cancerous growth in his lower abdomen. Who did Snow replace as press secretary in May 2006?

A. Andy Card
B. Scott McClellan
C. Ari Fleischer
D. Colin Powell

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Question 4: On Tuesday, a formal inquest into what killed Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel Smith, was underway in the Bahamas. Meanwhile in Florida, officials said Anna Nicole Smith's death was due to what?

A. Accidental overdose
B. Murder

C. Suicide

D. Infectious disease

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Question 5: On Wednesday, final touches were being made to what new amusement park in Las Vegas, Nev.?

A. Disneytown
B. Legoland

C. Barbieland
D. Six Flags, Casion Royale

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Question 6: On Tuesday, a divorce dispute landed in the media limelight, when Lawrence Roach refused to continue ailmony payment to his ex-wife; what was his reasoning for the stopped payments?

A. His ex-wife secretly remarried two years ago
B. His ex-wife became a man after a sex change operation
C. He agreed to pay alimony to his unemployed wife, and now she has a thriving career
D. He found out his ex-wife was using the money for crystal methamphetamine

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Question 7: On Wednesday, President Bush renewed his veto threat on an Iraq spending bill that includes an order for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq; when does it begin?

A. As soon as Bush's presidential term ends
B. Immediately upon signing the bill into law
C. 120 days after the bill is signed into law
D. Two years after the bill is signed into law

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Question 8: On Sunday, the New York Times admitted to mistakes in an article about rape in the U.S. military, published in the Sunday magazine the previous week. What turned out to be untrue about one of the women featured in the article, who said she was raped twice and suffered a head injury following an IED explosion near her humvee?

A. The woman was never injured in an IED explosion
B. The woman was never stationed in Iraq

C. Both A and B

D. Neither A or B

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Question 9: On Thursday, the Marine Corps announced that this Sunday a new policy will go into effect to ensure the clean-cut Marine image. What are they going to ban Marine's from doing?

A. Getting extra-large tattoos below the elbow or knee
B. Wearing dog tags that aren't issued by the military
C. Engaging in sexual relations during their deployment in Iraq
D. Using bayonets as weapons in the war

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Question 10: On Friday, what Internet domain proposal was axed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers?

A. ".WWJD"
B. ".GOD"
C. ".FOOD"
D. ".XXX"

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BONUS Question: On Friday, the Roger Smith Hotel in New York cancelled its plan to debut which controversial confection on Easter Sunday?

A. The Easter Bunny and Jesus Christ holding hands
B. A lifesized, anatomically correct chocolate statue of Jesus Christ
C. A marshmallow Pope
D. A replica of the Last Supper made with jelly beans

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