Friday Finals: Ahmadinejad, Rosie, Gonzales and Sanjaya Are Losers This Week

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My Friday Finals, a listing of winners and losers for the week on "The Big Story." Here are the losers first, and here's why.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: He's got to be kidding with these 15 British hostages. Everybody can see what he's doing, and Iran is exposing itself as a state-sponsored bully again.

Rosie O'Donnell: "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is a terrible thing to watch. When truly evil people are held up as better than us, it's time for Rosie to go back to the dugout.

Alberto Gonzales: Loser because this is getting so ugly. Gonzales, please, go back to Texas. End this.

Sanjaya: Loser because he keeps winning. And if he should win it all he will be remembered as the guy who killed "Idol," one of America's all-time favorite shows.

Now the winners for this week on the Friday Finals.

Karl Rove leads the way as the big rapper in the hood. His rap bounce was so good he's already getting remixed on YouTube, and it's a big hit on YouTube. Right on with your bad self, Karl!

Tony Snow, my former colleague: Winner for showing us all that there is a wellspring of human decency in this country when so many people of all political stripes joined in wishing him good health.

Fred Thompson: a winner, too. From nowhere to third in the Republican presidential race, all without doing much more than saying to conservatives, hey, you guys need some help?

Democrat Sen. Jim Webb: winner. A Dem standing up for Second Amendment rights is always a good thing. This winner comes with an asterisk though while we wait to see how the poor guy who was carrying his gun makes out in court.

And that is your Friday Finals, the week's big winners and big losers. Have a great big fabulous weekend.

That's My Word.

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