Woman Visiting Husband in South Korea Makes 911 Call to Illinois

A 911 dispatcher received a strange phone call recently when a woman visiting her husband in South Korea made an emergency call through her laptop, saying he was trying to choke her.

FOX affiliate KTVI reported that emergency dispatcher Patti Michaels received the call from Seoul all the way back in Belleview, Ill., last Friday.

"911, what is your emergency?" Michaels asked the woman making the call.

"I need the military police," the woman replied. "I'm in Seoul, Korea."

Click here for the KTVI story and to listen to part of the 911 call

"I wasn't expecting that at all," Michaels told KTVI.

Michaels stayed on the phone with the woman for 48 minutes. The woman said she felt threatened by her husband, who is stationed at a military base in South Korea, and that he had tried to choke her. Michaels even heard screams over the phone line.

"Nothing was going to happen to her. I was determined," Michaels said. "She said that he tried to choke her ... a military wife didn't deserve that."

Michaels' screen said the caller was from O'Fallon, Ill., the town where the woman lived and where her Internet service was based. Not knowing how to locate the caller, Michaels phoned the Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, since the caller said she was near a military base. The base then contacted officials in Seoul. Officials won't disclose what happened after that.

"If anyone knew where she was, it would be a military installation," Michaels told KTVI.

When leaving their home area, customers are encouraged to change the location of the Internet phone so an emergency 911 call can be routed to a local dispatcher. But the woman did not do this, so the dispatcher in Illinois received the South Korea call.