Velvet Revolver's Scott Weiland's Wife Blames Bipolar Disorder After Burning His Clothes

Scott Weiland's wife said an imbalance of medications for bipolar disorder caused rowdy behavior that left hotel rooms trashed and led to her arrest for allegedly torching the Velvet Revolver rocker's clothes.

Burbank police said the couple argued Saturday afternoon at the luxury Graciela Hotel, leaving two rooms damaged. Mary Weiland was later arrested for allegedly burning her husband's clothes outside their Toluca Lake home, investigators said.

"The weekend's difficulties were brought on by a reaction to an imbalance in medications used to treat my bipolar disorder," she said in a statement released Tuesday by the couple's spokeswoman, Bryn Bridenthal.

"Reports that we were fighting at the Graciela Hotel are untrue," she said. "Scott was simply trying to help me calm down. I want to make it very clear that he did not hurt me in any way."

"For lack of a better expression, I was unstable and just lost it," she said.

Weiland, 31, was booked for investigation of felony arson vandalism after officers responding to a "female burning clothes" call Saturday night found a trash can full of smoldering clothes, Sgt. Mathew Ferguson said.

The 39-year-old rocker told police his wardrobe was worth $10,000.

"After nearly seven years of marriage I am truly grateful to have a loving husband, drug-free for 3 1/2 years now, who is able to care for me during this challenging time," Weiland said in her statement.

Prosecutors haven't filed arson vandalism charges, the district attorney's office said Wednesday. Police said it would be up to Graciela Hotel officials, who have declined comment, to press for a vandalism prosecution.

Mary Weiland said apologies and payment for damages had been made.

"Payment for the damages to the Graciela Hotel has already been made. The gracious staff and management have accepted our apologies and welcome us back in the future," she said.