John Kerry's Sweet Revenge

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John Kerry is feeling all warm and fuzzy today because he got a little revenge, which as we all know is a dish best served cold and in cold blood. Both criteria were met today when Kerry was able to relish his revenge on a guy named Sam Fox, when the president withdrew the name of Fox for consideration as the ambassador to Belgium.

Fox is a big Bush supporter, a Republican contributor from St. Louis. Once upon a time he made a contribution to a group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. He gave them $50,000. Bad luck. When it came time for him to get his political payoff, an ambassadorship to Belgium — where one can spend one's time enjoying hundreds of different local beers, gin, and wildly rampant anti-Americanism — Fox will not get his ambassador's sash because, well, because John Kerry sits on the Senate committee which passes on ambassadorial appointments. More importantly, Kerry's friends control the committee and in fact the entire Senate. Bad timing for Sam. If he could only have come before the committee before last November when things were friendlier for contributors to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Kerry himself didn't lead the charge against Fox, unseemly. He did question Fox scornfully when the nominee appeared before the committee, but when it came to killing him Kerry had his pals do it. Joe Biden jumped in. Chris Dodd stood in for a round of kicking Fox while he was on the ground covering up.

Fox told Kerry that he thought it was necessary to give money to the group because other Democrat groups were taking aim at Bush, one comparing him to Hitler. Kerry wasn't buying it. Neither were the Democrats.

Fox wouldn't have stood a chance even if his name were Pelosi. The wounds of '04 are still raw around the Kerry household evidently. But please, don't say the Democrats are taking political revenge now that they have power. That would suggest hypocrisy and power politics, and we all know it's not like that at all.

That's My Word.

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