2 North Carolina High School Students Charged With Cyber Stalking for Fake MySpace Page

Two North Carolina high school students have been charged with cyber stalking after they admitted creating fake profiles of their assistant principals on MySpace.com, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Tyler Yannone and Lauren Strazzabosco, who attended Mooresville High School in Mooresville, N.C., posted derogatory information online that portrayed one of the administrators as a pedophile, police said. They also used racist words.

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Mooresville Police Sgt. Joe Cooke said the pair was arrested on misdemeanor cyber stalking charges last week.

"They said things that would definitely harm their character if parents saw the page," Cooke told The Charlotte Observer.

Cooke said a student told one of the assistants about the page portraying him back in February and police began an investigation. Armed with a court order, police traced the misleading Web page back to Yannone and Strazzabosco, who Cooke said later admitted creating the profiles. The profiles have since been deleted from MySpace, Cooke said.

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