You'll Never Have Trouble Waking Up Again!

Wacky Alarm Clocks!

Have trouble waking up in the morning?? Hit the snooze a hundred times?? Rich DeMuro of came back on my show today and showed us some unusual alarm clocks that you might want to try.

Shake Awake:
Shakes the bed/pillow to make sure you not only hear the alarm, but you feel it too. Just place this vibrating alarm clock inside your pillowcase, attached to your bed sheets or in your pocket. If all else fails, there is also a standard alarm sound. The snooze function can be turned on or off. Easy to set and easy to read vibrating alarm clock.

Sunrise & Sunset Alarm Clock (w/ soothing sounds):
Wake up to the sights and sounds of nature. Light gradually brightens accompanied by nature sounds. This one also includes a traditional alarm feature.

Clocky is an alarm clock for people who have trouble getting out of bed. When you hit the snooze bar, Clocky rolls off the night table and all around your room! Once Clocky starts rolling around your room the only way to turn him off is to get out of bed and manually turn him off.

Flying Alarm Clock:
This digital alarm clock launches a rotor into the air that flies around the room as the alarm sounds, flying up to 9' in the air, and will not stop ringing until the rotor is returned to the alarm clock base. This one is sure to get even the deepest sleepers out of bed. The alarm clock has a snooze feature that can be set in intervals of seven minutes up to an hour.

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