Liberal Bloggers' Low Blows About Tony Snow

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Many of our viewers have asked about where to send well-wishes to my former colleague Tony Snow. The White House has now set up a way to do that. Log on to and you will see the link to send your message to Tony. The White House assures us he will get them all.

But sad to say, it's not all sweetness and sympathy for Tony. I've talked about the angry left before, but nothing illustrates the anger and the bitterness and the venom of the left than someone on the right becoming ill.

When Dick Cheney goes to the hospital the liberal blogs erupt in hate, wishing he would die and all the rest. And when Tony's cancer came back, I regret to say, they did not restrain themselves.

My last e-mailer demanded to know who would post ill wishes to Tony. OK, the Daily Kos is one. It is written from Berkeley, California, and it is a place where Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid and John Kerry and John Edwards post messages to attract liberal voters.

Yesterday at 11 in the morning somebody named Winsmith posted on the Daily Kos: "Why do I have to pretend I care about Tony Snow? That I'm praying for him? I don't. I'm sorry to hear he has cancer. Other than that I'm not going to give that lying bleep another thought."

At 1:55 in the afternoon somebody else wrote on the Daily Kos: "Tony Snow killed 3,242 Americans. Bleep Tony Snow."

On the left-wing blog Think Progress, at 1 in the afternoon somebody named Buzzbomb wrote: "Hundreds of people are diagnosed with cancer everyday. It sucks for anyone. Why the fawning for a bleep like Snow? He's the mouthpiece for a group of thugs that have hijacked our country."

I could go on, but I won't. There were lots.

There were also people on these left blogs who said they felt sorry for Tony and wouldn't wish him ill, but a number who were willing to throw off any sense of decency and say the most vile things is truly shocking and ought to be a great source of shame for the left. These blogs are where the political energy for the Democrat left is coming from, and they reveal there is a rotten core at the center.

By the way, you could find this same sort of garbage on The Huffington Post, run by Arianna Huffington, who now puts herself forward as a power broker on the left. She should be ashamed too for letting that stuff onto her Web site. She was embarrassed because she did take it down, but she never should have let it go on in the first place.

That's My Word.

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