Report: Gunman Threatens to Start Shooting if Police Don't Release Bank Robbery Suspect

An area in Miami Beach was closed Tuesday as police investigated two threatening phone calls made in connection with a bank robbery, according to a local news report.

Police are advising residents in the area between 41st Street, Prairie Avenue and Pine Tree Drive to remain inside after two threatening phone calls were received, telling police to release a bank robber in custody, according to FOX affiliate WSVN. A male caller claimed that he would start shooting everyone in a nearby building if the suspect was not released.

Police took the one suspect into custody during the robbery. As authorities investigated the incident, people began running out of an office building across the street from the bank, screaming that there is a man armed with a gun inside the building.

The bank that was the target of the robbery was secured and no one was injured, reported WSVN. The block has been evacuated.

A perimeter has been set up around the area.