Kidnapped Soldiers Not For Trade

On Monday, Deputy Foreign Minister Mehzi Mostafavi said that Iran's intentions are not to swap the 15 captured British sailors for the five Iranians arrested in northern Iraq, and did not say what exactly Iran plans on doing with the detained sailors.

Reports showed that Iran may have wanted to trade the sailors for the five Iranian officials, who are suspected of helping to provide arms and money to insurgents.

Mostafavi said it should become clear whether the sailors entry (into Iran) was intentional or unintentional, and after that is clarified, the necessary decision will be made. He also rejected the British claim that the sailors were in Iraqi waters when seized. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

"I think they took the British soldiers to draw attention away from the U.N. resolution, and to continue their defiance against the west. They want an excuse to attack Israel. And they think the west is too "drained" militarily to attack them. They need to watch out for the big surprise." — Jim

"Iran seized the British troops for propaganda purposes and to gain leverage in its dispute with the U.N. over Iran's nuclear activities. Because Britain failed to act against Iran in 2004 when Iran seized British soldiers, the Iranians have no fear of doing so now." — Craig

"Why do western governments continue to allow themselves to be bullied by Iran? Carter put up with it in 1979, our closest ally the U.K. was the target in 2004, and now a group of U.K. military personnel are kidnapped in 2007. So long as we allow them to get away with it, we make it acceptable behavior. There needs to be some severe response, not excluding military, to make their leaders experience some real pain as a result of these actions." — Jeffrey

"Iran is showing the world its power. The old powers, Britain and the U.S. are diminished. Other governments will vie for recognition and dominance in their region. We can expect more displays as we remove ourselves from the Middle East and other areas." — J.R.

"It would seem that we are already at war with Iran, the liberal media, and politically correct folks in the west just haven't caught up with reality yet." — Phil

"Just one more reason why we need to drop a few bombs on this country. A low-yield tactical nuke dropped on Tehran might just get our message across that we are tired of dealing with thug-nations like Iran and that all future hostile actions taken by countries like this will result in immediately and deadly reprisal." — Russ

"Are you kidding? They are obviously poking the bear to see if its dead or just asleep! If they have any intention of standing up to terror organizations, kidnappers or any other common criminals in the world they have no choice but to retaliate for an act of WAR! This is a no brainer. What are they waiting for?" — Bryan

"The British soldiers should not have allowed the Iranians to take the captive at all! Didn't they also have guns? It's just more intimidation by Iran to try to make the west appear weak and helpless." — Doug

"I think it is about time someone stands up to Iran and realizes that they cannot be trusted and will never negotiate in good faith." — Joye

"We have waited to long to do anything about Iran without an all out confrontation. They are flexing their muscles and will not back down without a fight." — Beverly

"Clearly, Iran detained the British sailors to provoke both the U.S. and the U.K. The ONLY way to solve the problem is through diplomatic channels unless the west wants to destabilize the region further. The ONLY thing that can be done is to render Middle East Terrorist States powerless by developing an alternative fuel source, thusly taking away their world importance and their incomes. " — Walt

"I think that Iran's president and its government are very dangerous to the U.S.A., the U.K. and the rest of the free world. We should be worried about what's going on now." — Warrington

"Well, as our favorite president would say, the first move must come from the British. Then, President Bush must once again make a difficult decision (if the British ask for our help) ... just as he always had to do during his presidency. The Brits have proven they can take care of most things alone, so the U.S. may not be needed." — Bruce

"There is no doubt that these Marines were taken to provoke Britain and the U.S. into action … and they may just get what they asked for!" — Todd

"This is simply an act war. The U.S. and Britain should do to retrieve those sailors. Negations are futile and an insult to those sailors. There should be no further waiting." — Michael

"Plain and simple. Its a test of Britain's resolve. They spit in the face of the U.N. and the U.S., so why not take on one of our closest allies and spit in there face too." — Jason

"I think we should do what Jimmy Carter failed to do. Help Iran with their electricity shortage by making all of their major cities and industrial areas glow in the dark for the next 10,000 years. " — Craig

"It would appear that the U.K. must wait until these bandits arrive at the solution to the dilemma they have caused. I would not assume that the capture was directed from the highest circles." — Arthur

"If England does nothing , it will just open the door for more kidnapping. The U.S.A. did nothing about the North Korea kidnapping of the Pueblo ship and its crew. The U.S.A. did nothing about what Iran did when they kidnapped the people in our embassy only a failed attempt to rescue. If I where in charge, there would be a high to pay for this behavior." — Lynton

"If Iran doesn't give up the sailors soon, we will have no choice but to strike them militarily, and take out their atomic facilities in the process. They will keep pressing the envelop in their blackmailing of the west until they know we are out of patience. " — Charles

"The Iranian president is a terrorist, and even if he had kidnapped these sailors from Buckingham Palace, he still will say to the world they were in Iranian territory. Perhaps people in the world will someday understand the twisted mind of terrorists and decide to put an end to it." — Andrew