Sister of Dying Man Refuses to Donate Bone Marrow to Save His Life

The sister of a man who is dying of leukemia is refusing to donate bone marrow to the British man, according to a London newspaper.

Simon Pretty, a father of three, told the Daily Mail that his sister Helen Pretty would not donate her bone marrow, which is a perfect match and could save his life.

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Without the donation, Pretty could be dead by the end of the year. He would leave behind his wife Jacqueline and his children: Rebecca, 8, Jack, 6, and Benjamin, 3.

Pretty is receiving aggressive chemotherapy treatments in hopes that in the meantime another match may be found. The national bone marrow register did not provide any matches and doctors are now looking in international databases, the Mail reported.

"I am on death row," Pretty told the Mail. "I can’t believe that she would let my three children lose their father so unnecessarily by her actions."

Helen Pretty declined to comment for the story.