In response to the congressional investigation of the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys, a memo was released showing that illegal immigrants crossing into Texas had to be arrested at least six times before federal authorities would prosecute them.

The memo says one Texas district prosecutes migrants if the Border Patrol catches them at least six to eight times; other districts prosecute after someone is caught at least seven times.

The memo was written in response to Justice Department inquiries about immigration prosecutions by the five U.S. attorney offices — San Diego, Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston and Albuquerque, N.M. — that cover the 2,000-mile border. Carol Lam, the former top prosecutor in San Diego, was among the eight U.S. attorneys fired by Alberto Gonzalez. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

"Any American residing legally within the United Status is expected to obey the law. We are not given six chances to break the law before we are arrested. We are given one chance to obey the law and if we break it, we will be pursued by the law enforcement officials. Why in the world do people from another country, who broke the law to get into our country, that continue breaking the law by living in our country, who work without legal documentation, have the right to break our laws six times before they are prosecuted?" — Janni

"Shameful. We the people need to take this country back." — Rick

"Just another obfuscation by the Bush justice department, to continue to allow free access to the U.S.A. by illegal aliens. Put the National Guard on the border, armed and dangerous, and watch the immigration dry up. No illegal immigrants, no need to prosecute." — Gary

"They were NOT too lenient!" — Regina

"The leniency shown to illegal aliens just encourages them to keep coming. They should be prosecuted on the first and every offense, and returned to Mexico. Does our Attorney General not know the meaning of the word 'ILLEGAL'? It means they shouldn't be here." — Robert

"Why prosecute one illegal act and not another? A person that's caught robbing another isn't given six chances." — Linda

"One thing I do know is that we have two border agents in a Mississippi prison that surely need to be released." — Tommy

"Completely outrageous! Whatever happened to the meaning of 'illegal'? Guidelines are way too lenient and unacceptable to me." — John

"It appears our system is totally dysfunctional. We have people who are incapable of carrying out the laws of the land or either too lazy to do it. We have nothing but excuses and 'passing the buck' from our elected officials and public servants when it comes to this matter." — Dave

"Too lenient. Anyone else who breaks a federal law gets prosecuted the first time. Why not prosecute the aliens who are breaking a federal law of entering illegally?" — Lynard

"Six arrests before a court date? How about one arrest followed closely by his or her deportation?" — Paul

"I am aghast after reading this. I would be in prison after three arrests. When is the government going to uphold the law? I feel like I am being discriminated against. I hope I don't get arrested in the future or the government is going to have a lawsuit on their hands." — Dennis

"They should be sent packing on the first offence! If only normal tax paying citizens were afforded such lenient stretches of the law." — Tom

"This policy is ridiculous! Do we, as Americans, get six strikes before we are prosecuted? No. These rules are putting the border patrol agent lives at risk by allowing the same individuals to repeatedly come across the border without legal repercussions." — Dee

"Completely and utterly ridiculous! Why do foreign criminals get better protection and rights than the folks that make this country great. " — Tim

"The U.S. Attorney office doesn't seem to have a problem going after cops for doing their jobs. I think someone needs to investigate the whole justice dept." — Seba

"I think that if I get stopped for speeding, I should not get a ticket until I am stopped at least six times for this offence. It is illegal to come over the border, and that is the bottom line. Who makes up these nutty rules? When our border patrol went into Mexico to help put out a fire last week, the Mexican government went nuts that we sent people over the border." — Barry

"Isn't it great that illegal aliens have more protection from our laws than we do? What a waste of money that could otherwise be spent beefing up border security." — Tom

"I believe one arrest is too many. Arrest them and deport them immediately. — Ed

"Six arrests! That's ridiculous. Here's a crazy thought: Since we don't want to overcrowd our jails with illegals, deport them back to their countries. How many times would a U.S.A. citizen get arrested and released before their prosecuted? When did our government stop working for the American people?" — Joshua

"Our Laws on immigration are clear — It's illegal to enter our country without proper authorization. The illegals should not be entitled to any court hearing that ties up our justice system. Build the FENCE and hire more enforcement officers — that's the only solution." — Carl

"If they want to come in, come in legally. If the Democrats want to give our country away, let the illegals live in their homes. I am really tired of being an outsider in my own country. Learn the rules, and learn the language. — Greg

"Illegal is illegal. Make the arrest with each one." — Ron

"This is typical elected officials. There is no solution unless we take back our country through everyone voting or another revolution — we have lost our country" — Carl

"The first arrest should result in photographing, fingerprinting, and DNA sampling. If cleared of connection to other crimes, warn next offense will result in imprisonment, then deport." — Martin

"Outrageous! It's a slap in the face to every border patrol agent, to every legal U.S. worker who has lost a job opportunity because of an illegal, and to every tax payer who pays for the medical, law enforcement, and judicial proceedings in the U.S. Shame on the Justice Department!" — Kent

"I guess I just don't understand. If they are illegal, just bus them back and send them on through. Let's put up that fence and get going with this thing. Illegal immigrants are 'illegal.' Why should they have any rights in our country? They should be made to speak English and do what others have done to be a U.S. citizen. They should just not be 'allowed' to live here." — Barbara

"When the Justice Department itself institutionalizes scofflaws, when will citizens themselves embrace that attitude?" — Ralph

"Why not give every burglar who breaks into you home and steals your processions six chances before they put them in jail." — Jim

"Our politicians had better get a handle on the illegal immigration before our country is destroyed. I live in a town that is considered a safe haven for illegal immigrants. The town has been destroyed. Crime, drugs, vehicular accidents, wearing out social services, etc." — Ruth