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Question 1: A new study says playing violent video games that involve firing guns, like "Gears of War" and "Halo," can improve what what sense?

A. Taste
B. Sight
C. Hearing
D. Touch

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Question 2: Which stiletto-wearing supermodel traded the catwalk for community service Monday at a sanitation garage, to start a five-day sentence for assaulting her maid?

A. Gisele Bundchen
B. Naomi Campbell
C. Kate Moss
D. Tyra Banks

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Question 3: On Monday, the board of the U.S. Postal Service made two announcements. What were they?

A. First-class stamp price hike; Saint Nicholas will deliver mail all-year round
B. "Forever" stamp will debut in May; First-class stamp price hike
C. There will only be one-size envelope available; They are buying FedEx Corp.
D. "Never Ever" stamp will debut in May; First-class stamp price hike

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Question 4: On Wednesday, the four-day drama to find a missing 12-year-old Boy Scout in the North Carolina mountains ended after he was found safe and sound. Why did Michael Auberry say he walked away from his camp site?

A. To clean his mess kit
B. To try to find a road to hitchhike home
C. To find the nearest McDonald's
D. To film a scene of "The Blair Witch Project"

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Question 5: Why did German activists say a polar bear cub in the Berlin Zoo should be killed?

A. Because he refused to pose for a photo shoot with star-photographer Annie Leibovitz
B. Because he killed his mother and brother
C. Because he's being raised by humans
D. Because he has black and white stripes

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Question 6: On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee authorized subpoenas for Karl Rove and Harriet Miers in the probe of eight ousted U.S. attorneys. What was President Bush's response to the vote?

A. He vowed a legal fight if/when the subpoenas were issued
B. He insisted the consultations be given under oath
C. He agreed he shouldn't have confidential communications with his staff
D. He said sworn testimony would not breach any executive privilege

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Question 7: The anonymous creator of the video comparing a future with Hillary Clinton as president to the world in George Orwell's '1984' is an ex-employee of a digital consulting firm with ties to whom?

A. Rival candidate Sen. Barack Obama
B. Jealous husband Bill Clinton
C. Only daughter Chelsea Clinton
D. The Republican National Committee

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Question 8: This week, owners became worried that the pet food in their cupboards could be deadly after millions of containers of food sold at major retailers across North America were recalled. What kind of pets were affected?

A. Birds
B. Fishs
C. Hamsters and rabbits
D. Dogs and cats

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Question 9: On Thursday, presidential hopeful John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, held a press conference from their hometown of Chapel Hill, N.C. What was his announcement?

A. Elizabeth's cancer is back, but his campaign will go on
B. Elizabeth's cancer is back, and he will suspend his campaign
C. Elizabeth is cancer-free, and his campaign will remain on track
D. Elizabeth is cancer-free, and they are pregnant with their fifth child

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Question 10: On Thursday, a writer for Inside Lacrosse Magazine told FOX News that several sources revealed to him new details in the Duke lacrosse rape case. What were they?

A. Mike Pressler was reinstated as the Duke lacrosse coach
B. Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong has been disbarred for violating several violations
C. All charges against three Duke lacrosse players indicted for rape will be dropped soon
D. The alleged victim's child was fathered by one of the accused men

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BONUS Question: In Chicago, authorities said a man was charged with aggravated battery for a Feb. 19 incident that was caught on video by a bar surveillance camera, showing him beating up a female bartender half his size. What was the man's occupation?

A. Police Officer
B. Bartender
C. Fire Fighter
D. Bus Boy

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