Imagine getting a summer job with Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential campaign and getting 10 percent of the money that comes in. Sound crazy? It may be, but it's an offer now on the table for college students.

The Romney campaign is piloting the first-of-its-kind program around the country in which students are given a percentage commission of any funds they raise for the former Massachusetts governor in his bid for the White House.

Spokeswoman Carolyn Weyforth said nothing like this has ever been attempted. She said an e-mail to college students was sent out with the offer.

"Imagine getting a summer job with the campaign and getting 10% of the money that comes in! - Sounds CRAZY?! -... we bring you innovation #323 ... Students for Mitt. It goes something like this: If you are currently a student and want to earn from cash ... spend your summer touting Mitt Romney instead of selling Pesticide. For everything to raise over $1000 you will get 10% back! So if you raise $50,000 you get $5000 back. If you raise $100,000 you get $10,000 back! That's serious money for a college student and for a great cause! Legal has vetted this," the e-mail reads.

The students are then given the Web site address to sign up. Weyforth said students must meet certain criteria, for instance, having a valid ID, being at least 18 years old and a full-time student. Students who respond for more details are sent an informational packet to register and can start participating once accepted into the program.

Romney has already demonstrated success in fundraising. On the day he announced he was forming an exploratory committee in January, he launched a marathon fundraising effort that raised $6.5 million in 24 hours.

Last week, Romney said he's been very pleased with the fundraising pace since then. His campaign raised about $1.4 million over the Internet in its first month, and he has had about 20 fundraising events scheduled in the month of March.

Romney is running a distant third in the GOP nominating race, but keeping his name on people's lips. That puts him in the top tier with candidates John McCain and Rudy Giuliani.

First quarter fundraising figures for all the presidential candidates are due on March 31.

FOX News' Carl Cameron contributed to this report.