Water wasn't the only thing running in a shower shared by two female and three male roommates, according to police.

Also running was a tiny camera, allegedly set up inside an ordinary-looking shampoo bottle so one of the men could record the women as they showered, Manchester police said Wednesday.

The camera, which recorded images through a tiny pinhole, was discovered by another male roommate who wondered why the shampoo remained unmoved in a shower basket for so long.

The man called police after finding wires protruding from the back of the bottle and discovering the camera tucked inside, police said.

"This one is totally off the wall," Superior Court Judge Raymond Norko said Wednesday at the arraignment of 25-year-old Steven Thibodeau, who was charged with 15 counts of voyeurism and one count of evidence tampering.

Thibodeau, who had no previous arrest record, initially told officers he was filming himself in the shower to monitor an abnormality. After a polygraph, he admitted he had recorded his two female roommates in the shower, police said.

He explained that the camera's transmitter sent images to his television, where he could record them onto videos and save them on his computer, police said.

He also said he made a compilation video of one of the women, although police say they have no evidence that he transferred any of those files to the Internet.