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What happened to my favorite newscaster E. D. Hill? I do not see her on any programs now. Please tell me she is still with FOX News. — Bob (Bruceton Mills, WV)

Don't worry! E.D. did not leave the FOX News Channel. She can be seen and heard on FOX News Live at the 11am hour, every weekday. To read more on E.D. Hill, check out her bio page.

How do I get FOX News Channel? — Julia

If you have access to cable, call your local cable operator and tell them you want FNC. We are available on Direct TV, Dish Network, and on C-band, as well as these providers:

Sky Angel: 800-SKY-ANGEL (800-759-2643)
Satellite Providers: 800-432-8876

If you are outside the U.S., click here.

I am trying to access FOX Fan Central, but am having problems with the site. What do I do? — Joshua

If you cannot access the site or have problems, please e-mail us at and explain — in full detail — what is happening.

I registered as a FOX Fan, but it says that my e-mail address is not in your system. — George

If you are having problems accessing FOX Fan Central, go here.

Over the course of your membership, you may have changed your e-mail address and redirected our newsletters to your new address. You are more than likely still registered with your old e-mail address. If you recall that e-mail address, use it to log in to the site. Once you are successfully logged in you can then go to the Modify Your Profile page to change the old e-mail address to your current one.

Is available via a WAP portal for faster downloads to my PDA? — Brian

For any, and all, questions about our new media content, please log on to our FOX News Mobile page. Video is now on Cingular, Amp'd and Sprint phones! Get previews of what you'll get — up-to-the-minute, on-demand news clips plus made-for-mobile exclusives.

Does carry 'live' news feeds like CNN does, such as Pipeline? I've noticed that when I click on a Live Stream, it is a recorded video from several hours ago and actually not live. — C.H.

Thanks for your interest in our Live Stream feeds on, which are in fact live, up-to-the-minute feeds of what's happening. We do live streams on an event basis; if an event comes up that we think deserves a live stream, we stream that live. For example, the Oscars or some other red carpet event are hosted, but we do stream news conferences or trials for instance, live, off the homepage.

CNN's Pipeline is a constant stream of live feeds off of various remotes. The difference is they charge users to watch them because the bandwidth cost is so high, and we choose not to charge for any of our video. That's why we only do live streams on certain newsworthy events.

What is a religion correspondent? Does this mean we'll see less of Lauren? What will she be doing? — Deborah

Lauren is very excited to take on her new role as FNC's religion correspondent. What does this mean for you? You'll be seeing a lot more of her starting next week. She'll be covering the field of religion, from its all-encompassing affect on our lives, to faith issues. As a religion correspondent, Lauren will be seen and heard on-air, along with FNC's religion contributor Father Jonathan Morris, reporting on segments that have to do with faith and spirituality.

In due time, she'll be writing blogs, and you can read them on FOX Fan Central.

Read all about it in her updated bio.

Please add "desktop wallpaper" to — Craig

Already done! Follow the directions and make FOX News Channel your wallpaper. Also, make your default homepage, so you don't miss a beat!

Where do Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke buy their clothes? They have the best neckties on TV! — John (Maryland)

Thanks for the compliment! Our FOX Senior Fashion Stylist says that Fred and Mort get their clothes and ties at Brooks Brothers

How can families of the 1/6 Marines get a hold of the "War Stories" video or even a DVD? Are we able to purchase this episode? — Jonathan

If you are looking to purchase an episode of War Stories with Oliver North, or any other show for that matter, visit our FOX News Shop. Note: All "War Stories" videos are in VHS format.

Something is really fouled with your Web site. I just finished listening to "House Call" on FOX News. There we are referred to for further info. Apparently has never heard of your weekly "House Call" program or of Dr. Isadore Rosenberg. I couldn't find anything on your homepage, and when I did a search, it reported back 'no matches.' What gives? — Rich

Don't fret! Our "House Call" information is located on the FOX News Live Web site. Just scroll halfway down the page, and you'll see it.

Tune in every Sunday at 10:30am ET for this segment, and send your questions to at

I was wondering if FOX News Channel is hiring, for maybe a maintenance position or something in the mailroom department. — Steve

Great, thanks for your interest! FOX News is committed to training the next generation of journalists. To view our latest employment opportunities, click here.

To be considered for any position, forward your resume to:
FOX News Channel
Dept. of Human Resources
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Fax: 212-301-8588
E-mail: and we'll try to answer it!

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