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Hey FOX Fans,

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I got your notice last Friday requiring me to update my newsletter profile. However, I did not see were you could re-sign up for the weekend update text like I am getting now! There were a bunch of others listed, but not like the one I am currently getting.

Please help!

— Cliff (Seattle, WA)

Hi Cliff,

We have made a couple changes to our daily newsletter. It's been redesigned to be easier on the eyes, and to include more exclusive columns and videos, while still giving you information on guests and shows on the FOX News Channel.

We no longer offer a text-only version of the newsletter, but if you would like to sign up for the daily html version, just click here and sign up for the FOX Fan Scoop.

I have been trying to find on your Web site a link to the FOX News Shop to purchase a set of FOX News coffee mugs. I found a link a while ago, but now I cannot.

Please send me the info, so I can order a set of these beauties!

— Arden (Mission Viejo, CA)

Hi Arden,

You can find the FOX News Shop here.

Happy Shopping!

My wife is a big fan of Jon Scott, who followed "Fox and Friends," and she misses him in that time slot now. Can you please tell me what happened to him?

— Charlie

Hi Charlie,

Jon has been with FNC since the beginning, and he's still here. You and your wife can find him hosting FOX News Live at noon (ET) every weekday.

I'd like to know where the blog section is on the homepage. I can't find it. Most news sites have one, so I am hoping FOX News does too.


Hi Tammy,

We certainly do have a blog section — full of columns, blogs and reporter's notebooks from all of your favorite FNC personalities.

On the front page of, you'll find it toward the bottom of the page, in a space called "FOX Blogs" — just click the arrow to scroll through all the blog entries.

You can also find all the latest blogs on the FOX Fan Columns page.


Could you kindly provide me the FOX News LINK to the latest (or previous) videos and columns by Steve Harrigan? In searching your website, I cannot locate him.

— Mike

Hi Mike,

Steve is busy covering stories all over the globe, and unfortunately, at this time, he can't keep updating his blog. However, you can look through the archive of his previous blogs here.

Where can I find the schedule for the "1/2 Hour News Hour"? I believe it's on this Sunday, but when?

— Michael

Hi Michael,

You're right! The "1/2 Hour News Hour" premieres this Sunday (February 18) at 10pm (ET). We hope you like it!

Incidentally, if you're ever wondering about a new show, or just want to find out what's on a show you already love, you can stay in the loop by signing up for our daily e-mail newsletter, the FOX Fan Scoop, or by visiting the FNCTV schedule page.

Whatever happened to Mike and Juliet at the 1 pm slot?

— Donald

Hi Donald,

Not to worry, Mike and Juliet aren't gone, they just have a new gig! The dynamic duo is hosting "The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet."

Check your local listings to see if they're on in your area, and if they aren't, you can still see what they've been up to on their website at .

Hey, I've been a fan from way back and have always enjoyed reading the bios of the on air folks. Now I can't find the page. Where did it go?

— George

Hi George, The bio page can be found here, or on FOX Fan. Just click over to read all about your favorite FNC personalities.

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