'Company of Heroes' Feedback

Company of Heroes

They were sent into a hellish city to hunt down terrorists house-to-house. The fight for Fallujah made them heroes, and FOX News Channel told their story. From graphic battle footage to interviews with the families they left behind, "Company of Heroes" revealed a Marine company in the thick of the war on terror.

Below are some of the e-mails we received in reaction to this special.

FOX Fans sound off:

"This is the finest wartime report I have ever seen. Congratulations to all concerned. You have done a magnificent service to our country, to the Corps and to all those who fought, suffered and died in Fallujah. It broke my heart." — Kenneth (Lieutenant-Commander, U. S. Navy, Retired)

"Absolutely amazing! I really want my son to see it. He is going to Baghdad in September." — Lynn

"This special will go down in history as one of the most important documentaries of the Iraqi Conflict. It brought the streets of Fallujah right into my living room. I would like to request that you air it several times. I think that it should be shown in every high school in America. In 'Company of Heroes,' the Marines of India Company and all service members overseas will forever have my respect and admiration for their hard work and sacrifice. My heart goes out to every family member that has loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan." — Dr. An (LACER, MC, USN, Retired)

"John Scott, bless you and the entire production team for 'Company of Heroes.' My son is a Marine Lt. serving his second deployment to Iraq. The stories told by Greg Palkot have been missing from our media outlets for too long. I certainly don't expect other channels to produce something of this quality. Please keep up the good work." — Charles (Memphis, TN)

"It was truly a great documentary. This country needs more shows like that." — Chris (Salt Lake City, UT)

"The special on the taking of Fallujah was amazing. Many thanks for one of the best specials I've seen in years!" — Carl (Las Vegas, NV)

"I am a proud Marine Mom and my son is with the 1/8 (1st BN/8th Marines) and was also one of the grunts who went through Fallujah. He was lucky and came home intact and with a Purple Heart. As I watched this program (and it was hard to at times) my thoughts were many but one was that this is exactly what Michael did. It is still hard for me to believe that my 19 year-old South Georgia redneck son is a battle-hardened warrior. All of our troops have done a fantastic job and I appreciate the fine reporting that FOX has done to make sure the country knows it." — Pat (Adrian, GA)

"I just want to thank FNC and Greg Palkot for the production and showing of the 2 hour documentary of the Marines in action against the terrorists in Fallujah. As a former Marine, it was a very moving firsthand depiction of Marines in battle. Your coverage was superb and showed the side of war from those 'on the ground' that have the most to lose, and their families at home who support them. They are the ones who need to be heard by the majority of folks back here in the U.S., who are not really 'touched' by this war. All Americans should be proud of their Marines and other servicemen and women who are serving in arduous conditions to keep the 'wolves from our backdoor!' Well done brave Zulu!" — Lt. Col. Paul (USMC, Retired)

"Thank you so much for putting together such an exceptional documentary. I know many of the Marines of India Co, 3rd Bn, 5th Marines personally, and I have spent lots of time with the family of one of the Marines who was killed on November 11th. The show did those Marines justice in showing their sacrifice, their cohesion, and their dedication to each other. We are lucky to have such Americans, and we are fortunate to have a news agency willing to cover the human side of combat in such a respectful and accurate way." — Wilson (Captain, USMC)

"Oh dear, this is heart wrenching! Thank you for showing this! The Johnny Cash music you played with each family's heartache just made us all cry more! We are in awe of these great men and women who protect our country. They are truly GOD's angels sent to all of us. The dignity and strength these families have is amazing. God Bless them and their families! We can never repay them here on earth but we will try, GOD will do that for all of us for sure." — The Casas Family (Corpus Christi, TX)

"I just finished watching 'Company of Heroes' and I am so impressed with it. It was wonderful. I cried with the young mother and all the other mothers who lost Marines in India Company. I am writing to a soldier in Iraq whom I do not know and he, within the last four days, notified me that a roadside bomb killed two of his buddies. I know he is in a world of hurt and I certainly feel helpless. Thank God for FNC. I love your channel. Congrats to Greg Palkot and Jon Scott. Thank you!" — Jeanne

"Thank you for the most moving special I have ever watched regarding war. I cried watching the interviews done with the families and soldiers. FNC served the viewers and soldiers with the story. Excellent journalism." — Julie

"It was an absolutely EXCELLENT documentary. It filled us with a range of emotions as we cried and celebrated with our Marines in Fallujah and their families back home. Greg Palkot has always been one of our favorite FNC correspondents, and the time that he spent embedded with India Company proved invaluable for the insights into their operations while fighting to keep freedom alive. Many thanks to Greg and the producers for another excellent documentary." — Casey & Duane

"I want to thank you for your special 'Company of Heroes.' I watch your programs all the time, but I believe this is the best special you have ever done. My son is currently deployed to Iraq. This sort of helps me know what he might be going through. All I have to say is God Bless Our Soldiers, and keep them safe. And again my many thanks." — Patti, proud mom of SPC Shropshire (Dandridge TN)

"Awesome special. Thank you! It is great to hear from the troops and actually hear some of the real story! My heart breaks for the families, but also honors the troops for their service and sacrifice!" — S.

"Thank you for honoring our Marines and soldiers in this evening's special on taking Fallujah. This 62-year-old man could not help but weep as you showed the bravery of our young men and the pain and suffering of the wounded and killed and their families. We just cannot allow these sacrifices to be in vain by not finishing the job in Iraq!" — Leroy (Columbia, MO)

"Thank you, and a special thanks to Greg Palkot. I am a two tour Vietnam Vet and this story was presented with truth, compassion, and integrity. I was moved to tears. We are at war, and we need to realize that it is not going to end in our generation. These brave Marines did not give their lives in vein. They pledged their lives, their fortunes and sacred honor, and some of them have paid the ultimate price. Thank you for FOX NEWS, and your fair and balanced view." — Gary

"Thank you so much for your special. I can't tell you how much it meant to me. I have a nephew that has been serving in the Army since the first Gulf War. He has been in Iraq several times. He is a Arabic linguist so he's needed there. After watching your special I feel I know a little bit better the life he lives when he is over there. My family is so proud of the job these young men and woman are doing. I wish there were more specials like this one more that honors those fighting for our freedom and their families. Thank you for making me feel good about what's going on over there." — Cindy (Lakeland, FL)

"WOW! Excellent report! How very powerful and dynamic, yet very touching at the same time. Thank you for showing this moving tribute to the men and women who are making history standing, and sometimes falling, for freedom." — C. (Smyrna, TN)

"It was superb! Not another network has the backbone to show what you did and air the comments some of the Marines said. As a former Marine (1953-1961), I was spellbound throughout the special and I hurt when my fellow Marines were injured or killed. Well done!" — Bill (Ashland, KY)

"What an absolutely, positively, inspiring story. My husband and I were so incredibly moved at the selflessness and bravery of the young men of India Company and the families some of them left behind. Please continue your superior level of journalism. And thank you Greg for risking your life in order to report the news and document these important stories. Yours is award-winning journalism! We look forward to more of your special reports in the future." — Kristi (Phoenix, AZ)

"Thank you for giving our family this wonderful show. We are so tired of hearing the lousy, slanted, often untrue reporting done by the other news organizations. FNC is ALL WE CARE TO WATCH. Please be encouraged to continue your fine work." — J.

"Thank you for the excellent program on the war from the Marines' and their families' perspectives. Showing also, the reality of what is being done and why. Like many have said, no one wants war, but that isn't the way it is. Too bad the mainstream channels won't report the truth and inform a majority of the public as you did tonight." — Angie (Michigan)

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