Your GRRRS: March 20, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column:

Michele B. writes: Awesome column, Mike. I'm going to start running "Simon Commentary" in my head as I go through my days. Instead of fuming at the Obliviots and driving up my blood pressure, I'll be laughing to myself.

Melissa C. writes: That was weak! I didn't even get it!

Karen F. writes: Mike, I enjoy all of your columns. But if I'm being honest with you, the Simon Cowell-inspired GRRR installment was one of the best of the competition so far. Every week you consistently make the columnists on other Web sites look like cheap Vegas acts. And you really get it: in addition to being a great singer, you have to select the right topic. Well done. We'll find out if FOX gives you a raise — after the break.

Dan N. writes: I sent a GRRR a couple of weeks ago about FOX pre-empting "House" for that stupid "AI." So what do you do? You write a full column about it. GRRR! Yes, I know "AI" is a big money-maker for FOX so it is only natural for you to plug it in your column. Again, I can't wait for this "AI" craze to be over.

Kelly C. writes: Mike, I agree about Nick and his eyebrows. Will someone also pass that message on Sanjaya? Seriously dude. Stop singing like a sissy girl and stop waxing your eyebrows! Just my own personal GRRR.

Matt D. writes: Mike, thank you for your article. I read it regularly and am so relieved that not everyone is an Obliviot or ImporTant as my daily life sometimes tricks me into believing.

I see people doing Obliviot and ImporTant things everyday and I want to point it out, but I'm usually so P.O.'d at their lack of judgment and/or respect that I convince myself that it would be best to not say a word at all, which only makes me more P.O.'d that I took the high road.

Case in point: Last week I go into the mall and a guy pulls up in his new SUV, stops in front of the store (not even remotely in a space) and proceeds to lock his car and walk in at the same time I am walking in from the parking lot.

I am on a quick errand, but still park in a spot and walk in. I run my errand, walk back out. Guess whose car is still there? I go back to my vehicle, feed my newborn his bottle (20-30 minutes longer) and as I'm leaving I finally see him re-emerge and drive off. I was steamed. I'd love to leave a simple note slapped on the windshield of a person like that in the remote chance that if they were called out on their actions they would care.

Dave M. writes: Hey Mike, I just got finished with your book. I really enjoyed it. It was a good way to "check" my habits to see how much I'm paying attention. The main Oblivion characteristic I exhibit is throwing cigarette butts out of the car window. I didn't realize how ridiculous that was before it was so delicately pointed out to me. Thanks.

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