Deadly Teacher Sex Scandal Epidemic

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There's been a lot of snickering over the last couple of years as high school teacher chicks — sometimes babes like Debra Lafave — have their way with high school boys. The argument has gone: So does this hurt boys? Aren't they just getting what they dream about anyway? The whole hot for teacher theory has a lot of proponents.

Well, we know it does hurt them. In fact, we now know it kills them.

Yesterday we interviewed the parents of a young man who allegedly shot and killed the high school boy who was having an affair with the shooter's teacher wife. The teacher wife was evidently coming on to the boy, and hey, it's a high school boy. He didn't know how these things can turn out, evidently. So he's shot dead.

Same day another teacher chick was sent to prison for 10 years for carrying on an affair with her high school student boy. She was in her orange jumpsuit in court sobbing. Didn't feel a bit sorry for her. She was lucky it didn't go bad like the case of the kid who was shot and killed.

In fact, another story moved this morning from Houston about a teacher found in her car with a half-naked teenage student. The half that was naked was the half that indicates she wasn't giving him a back rub. And here's the kicker: This teacher was also the teenager's legal guardian. The Houston Chronicle reported that "this year she was awarded a $2,000 merit bonus for boosting student performance."

For this particular effort at boosting student performance she should get the 10 years yesterday's teacher got.

I think judges have to get tougher on these women. They know better, even if the sex mad teenage boy doesn't. And now we know somebody could get killed. So the snickering can stop.

Maybe if there are more teachers on TV news in an orange jumpsuit getting shipped off to the slammer for a decade, the next teacher looking over the handsome young man in geometry class will give it another thought and turn her attention back to the less desirable adult man she seems to have lost interest in.

Maybe. But I'm betting not. Everyday seems to bring a fresh example of chick teachers choosing underage boys for their fantasies. And my guess is tomorrow I'll have another example if I want to talk about this again.

That's My Word.

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