Cannibal 'Black Jesus' Faces Death Penalty

A religious cult leader who raped, murdered and ate at least three women in Papua New Guinea has been captured by a group of villagers.

Steven Tari, 35, who called himself the "black Jesus" was beaten by locals from the village of Matepi before being handed over to police.

The failed bible student had gathered around six thousand followers as he travelled through mountain villages promising disciples gifts from heaven if they joined his congregation.

But communities discovered he was indulging in cannibalism, sacrificing young women, drinking their blood and eating their flesh.

In one case a mother who had fallen under his spell was forced to drink her own daughter's blood.

He was captured after going to Matepi to try to gather more recruits and taken to the regional capital of Madang.

One onlooker said: "It was as if he thought he was being humiliated like Christ before he was crucified."

Area commander Anthony Wagambie praised people for their courage.

"Tari has brought a lot of shame to not only the people of Madang, but Papua New Guinea as a whole," he said.

"We are a Christian country and his deeds are not reflective of this."

Tari now faces the death penalty, although no-one has been sent to the gallows since the 1950s.