Hearing for 'Beltway Madam' Escort Service Postponed

The so-called "Beltway Madam" who ran an upscale escort service in the Washington, D.C.-area for 13 years faces a hearing on Thursday on what she can do with her phone records of clients.

Deborah J. Palfrey, 50, who ran a call-girl service, took appointments from her California home and sent women to luxury hotels in Washington and Baltimore.

Last week, a federal judge issued a restraining order on Palfrey and ordered her not to sell her list of 15,000 client phone numbers.

But Palfrey's attorney said he didn't believe the judge's order would prevent him from distributing copies of the phone records for free.

Palfrey said she ran Pamela Martin and Associates from her California home before it closed in August. She says it was completely legal.

But federal prosecutors allege she ran a prostitution ring that yielded $2 million in assets.