Anniversaries sound like happy events where people toast marriages or years worked at the old salt mines. But there are anniversaries of a darker type, as well. Today marks the 4th anniversary of the war in Iraq. It is not something to be celebrated, but it IS something to be talked about and understood.

President Bush did something today he shouldn't have had to do--he AGAIN attempted to convince the American people that we need to stay the course and be patient with the war. In a saner world, Americans would understand this without having to be constantly reminded. We are in it, like it or not, and now we need to WIN it. But the mainstream media doesn't like talking about Victory. Even if we won today, it is unlikely we would have V-E Day or V-J Day parades the way we did in World War II. We are a nation of defeatists. Defeatist politicians, entertainers, teenagers, and grandparents. It's almost a dirty deed to even whisper that the troop surge might actually be working.

Almost every day I have a caller, friend, family member, or stranger, tell me that we need to bring the troops home NOW. We need to realize how damaged we are in the eyes of the world. We need to end it NOW. Even John McCain is promising to make it a top priority of his administration to renew our image in the eyes of the world.

But do I feel like the only person asking the more obvious and important question: what will it look like in the eyes of the ENEMY if we leave Iraq prematurely? No matter what anyone says, it will be viewed by the terrorists as an unconditional surrender on the part of the United States military. And our military is not in the business of cutting and running and letting our enemies win.

We can never afford to do that, certainly not against this enemy which I have decribed as potentially THE most diabolical enemy we have ever had to engage. Diabolical in the sense that unlike enemies of old, these terrorists don't wear uniforms or fly aircraft of their nations. They don't wear certain helmets or follow a central command. They could be and are anywhere on earth.

We need to all think along more positive lines about this war effort. We don't have to like the justifications for going in. We don't have to like this President. But we DO have to realize that a premature withdrawal will empower and embolden the enemy. If they think we don't have the will and resolve to fight them and defeat them, what makes us think they will just go away? The opposite is true. They will sucker punch us again and again and again. If you keep giving the bully your lunch money, he will keep taking it from you. The bully usually stops when you knock his teeth out. That is what the military is doing in Iraq. They ARE knocking the teeth out of the enemy's mouth. We need to sit back, be patient, show them we support them, and let them do their jobs. And praying wouldn't hurt either.