Customers Aren't Cattle

Picture this: You invite company over to your house for dinner. And you discover the oven doesn't work. The refrigerator just went out. And you have nothing to feed them.

You could tell them to go home. But they're already there. And they're hungry. And they're getting hungrier. What would you do?

Well, if you're a major U.S carrier you'd tell them to essentially screw off. You can't be bothered. Let 'em stew. Let 'em wait.

But your company has nowhere to go. The restaurants are packed. Some are out of food. The cash machines are crowded, and soon most will be out of money. It's a hell of a way to treat company.

You wouldn't do that, and your guest company's not paying for a service. These poor fools are.

Now I don't blame airlines or airports for the weather. But I do blame both for communicating poorly and acting horribly.

They blame the elements. I blame their indifference.

If you had company in your house and left 'em stranded, you'd find options. You'd try to order out, or make them comfortable. Airports and airlines aren't so inclined.

Now, I know they deal with lots of folks. But let me be clear: You both keep acting this way, you won't have lots of folks.

Come to think of it, you won't have to worry. Because customers aren't cattle. And they're astute enough to see through your bull.

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