Report: Web Video Shows Terrorist Planting Bomb on U.S. Military Vehicle in Iraq

A Web video surfaced Sunday showing an alleged terrorist crawling under a U.S. military vehicle in Iraq and purportedly planting explosives in full daylight. Seconds later, the video cuts to an explosion ripping the vehicle apart.

The footage was stamped with the emblem of the Islamic State of Iraq, an Al Qaeda -linked militant group that disavows Iraq's elected government and seeks to establish Muslim law.

The video was released by IntelCenter, a U.S. government contractor that monitors Al Qaeda messaging. The video's contents and authenticity could not be independently verified.

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The footage shows a man in beige pants and a dark sweatshirt, crawling through mud puddles underneath a Bradley fighting vehicle and hauling an object that is less than 2-feet long. Then the video switches to a wider view of the vehicle exploding in a ball of flames and smoke.

The incident appeared to occur in the driveway of a building, and it was impossible to discern more details about the surroundings or circumstances of the attack. It also was unclear why the U.S. vehicle appeared to be unguarded at the time.

A caption says the incident happened in western Anbar province, an terror stronghold west of Baghdad.

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