Authorities Arrest 2 at Hawaii Airport for Impersonating Police

Two people who claimed to be taking a handcuffed prisoner to Hawaii for a court hearing were arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after one was found to be carrying a gun without a permit, authorities said.

A man and woman were arrested for investigation of impersonating police officers after they entered a security screening area at Terminal Three on Friday morning, Los Angeles Airport Police spokeswoman Belinda Nettles said Saturday.

The couple, who were wearing plainclothes, claimed to be law enforcement officers. The woman said she was carrying a firearm, and both claimed they had written documents indicating they were authorized to carry firearms, Nettles said.

Airport police ran a check and found that neither was a police officer, and the woman did not have a permit to carry a gun, Nettles said.

The gun was seized and the pair were taken into custody. Officials did not immediately release their names.

The "prisoner" also was taken into custody, Nettles said but she did not have additional details.

The FBI said it was assisting local authorities in their investigation.