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Thursday night on the show we played — without editorializing — Rosie O'Donnell's remarks on "The View." We invited your thoughts about her statements. We were flooded with e-mails… and it was a bit of a task to find e-mails "clean" enough for printing — her remarks certainly generated "colorful" e-mails. Rosie's remarks inflamed many (most?) of the viewers.

I usually just grab the first e-mails I happen to find to post on this blog — so as not to editorialize by virtue of my selected e-mails — but today I deliberately tried to find some e-mails that agreed with Rosie. I thought it would create an interesting debate and I was curious what people were thinking — including those who agreed with Rosie. I had great difficulty finding e-mails that agreed with Rosie. We received hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and overwhelmingly they objected to her remarks.

Here are some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I have never taken time to e-mail FOX News before. But this is SO absurd. Every FOX News show is talking about her and fueling her offensive antics. I do not want to see her fired now. The best thing would be for all of you (Susteren, O'Reilly, Hannity, Shepherd, etc.) — ALL — to ignore her. I would be so thrilled to not see her or hear her ever again. Just pretend she does not exist! And, if all sane Americans would quit watching "The View," then she would be fired. And as much as I love FOX News, when I see her one more time, off it goes!
Susan Noble
Dallas, TX

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta,
We are from De Pere, WI and we are in AZ for a few months for the winter. We watch FOX News from 7 p.m. thru 10 p.m. here and in WI. I think ABC should send Rosie to Guantanamo Bay and leave her there. "The View" will then be worth while watching.
Robert J. Kluck

E-mail No. 3

I think Rosie has completely gone over the line! If there was an ELECTION to VOTE someone out of the U.S.A. ... ROSIE WOULD WIN, HANDS DOWN!

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
I was an avid fan of the view until the famous Rosie came on board. I can't even stand to hear her talk much less listen to her make fun of people. She must be so insecure with her own life she has to poke fun at others. I didn't understand her siding with Martha Stewart, when she did her criminal acts and now she has to pick a fight with the powerful guru, Donald Trump. I'll take Trump's side anytime. She has ruined the morning show "The View" and I will never watch it again as long as she is host on the show. She is fat and ignorant. I would never believe anything she has to say. Why don't the folks at "The View" wise up and dump that dog!
JH of Georgia

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta,
My opinion of Rosie O'Donnell is that she is either really mentally ill or so stupid and ill in-formed that it defies credulity. ABC and "The View" should be ashamed to have themselves associated with her. I will never buy a product advertised on "The View."
Emily Materson
Cape Elizabeth, ME

E-mail No. 6

I'm becoming disgusted with FOX News for sending around the world the comments of an obnoxious America hating repulsive loudmouth who has no facts to back up what she's spewing.
Wonder how the 20,000 plus injured troops, who have faced terrorist, felt when you aired the creature's comments?
Margie Gargis
Sheffield, AL

E-mail No. 7

Hello Greta,
I didn't find Rosie’s opinions that terrible. She might not be too far off the truth…. On another note, Could someone find out or answer this for me: Someone (Big Moe?) said that Anna Nicole’s lips were blue when they uncovered her in the bed. How long does it take for the lips of a deceased person to become blue? If it’s a long time; then perhaps she was dead earlier in the morning?
Lititz, PA

E-mail No. 8

Hi Greta,
I just want to thank Rosie for reminding me why I quit watching "The View"!
R. Barberousse
Bossier City, LA

E-mail No. 9

Dear Greta,
You asked for feedback on Rosie's comments about Gitmo on "The View." I found them crass and uninformed (I don't think she knows anything about how prisoners are actually treated at Gitmo — I don't either, and I don't believe in torture, partly because it is inhumane and partly because often they might be interrogating an innocent person).
But more than Rosie's comments, I was offended by the clip at the beginning of "Hannity & Colmes," where they joked about the estrogen and hormones flying on "The View." (All the guests on this segment of H&C were male.) My first thought was that they should watch their testosterone levels. (Hmm. Maybe Rosy should as well...) Anyway, since you asked for feedback and H&C don't take viewer mail, I'm sending this to you.
Happy Saint Patty's Day.

E-mail No. 10

Hi Greta,
Finally someone in the media is objecting to the torturing of prisoners! Maybe I have never agreed with Rosie O'Donnell before, but I certainly believe that our government is so desperate for a fall guy that it finally tortured someone enough to get him to "confess" to whatever it wanted. Also, I think that our government's torturing of prisoners was what has fueled the insurgency in Iraq, which was probably what it wanted any way.
Now, when is someone in the media going to complain about the World Trade Center buildings' being brought down by demolition, and asking the question of who planted the explosives in those buildings? One thing we know is that a brother of President Bush owned the company that was in charge of security at the World Trade Center.

E-mail No. 11

How trustworthy is information that is gathered after years of questionable interrogation techniques? You might not love Rosie. You might not like her delivery. She does have a valid question that should not have to be asked.
Jeff Friedman

E-mail No. 12

Dear Greta,
Rosie would be singing a different tune if she had been at the end of the knife held at Daniel Pearl's neck.
Send her over to the Middle East to express her "views."
Mrs. Linda Lloyd
Ligonier, PA

E-mail No. 13

I think Rosie and the other women on "The View" should stick to discussing what they know about, not about subjects they do not now. I do not watch the show because I do not like Rosie's personality — I agree with other comments that she is a bully-rude-obnoxious — I think Rosie should stay home and take care of her children. I thought the name of this show was "The View" not the Rosie O'Donnell Show.
Mary Jo Bauer
Hemlock, MI

E-mail No. 14

I'll try to be nice... She needs and apple stuffed in her big mouth and then barbecued. She doesn't matter!
Ginny B.
Plainfield, IL

E-mail No. 15

Rosie asks people to wake up and think critically about the garbage news stories and spin that are constantly streamed through popular media sources. Rosie is not afraid to raise questions and speaks what she believes. Read her blog and get a different view on the news, politics and the constant conservative spin. You might not agree with what she says, but you owe it to yourself to at least look at things from a different perspective.
Jan Scoville
Sturgeon Bay, WI

E-mail No. 16

Hi Greta!
I watch you all the time — this is my first e-mail to you. Rosie has gotten my goat — she is using her "View" bully pulpit to spew hate for America and what it stands for and our leader — she is going way beyond her opinion and her view to trying to force her viewers to share her hate-filled view of this great country and it's people. ABC is no longer welcome in my home — I will miss "Jeopardy," but I can not support a channel that allows this hate to continue virtually un-challenged.
Sharon Andreas
Sun Lakes, AZ

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