Isaac Mizrahi's Rules to Dress By!

Are you sick of your old sneaks, blue jeans and white tees?

Well how about trying something brash, bold and beautiful! We snagged some style tips from fashion extraordinaire, Isaac Mizrahi — the expert at spicing up any wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Isaac's Mantra: Style can be defined by three things: the right bra, great shoes and good hair.

1. Buy three bright color bras to wear under white or black tees.

Style guide tip: Wear a bright color bra under a white tee to really rev things up. Remember, you can always go with black to ease into this look

Style guide favorites
•Anais blue lace bra — $38.22

2. Reconsider your hair color.

Style guide tip: Seek help and don't rush in! Brightening things up is great for spring, but going platinum is a big step! Speak with your hairstylist to find out what hue works best with your hair and your skin tone.

3. Buy a "foolish" pair of shoes.

Style guide tip: Whether they're a super splurge or incredibly impractical, go for it! No matter how fit you're feeling, shoes always look great. Every woman deserves an unreasonable pair once in a while.

Style guide favorite: Isaac Mizrahi for Target Valentina ballerina flats in leopard — $29.99

Isaac's MUST HAVES for Fall 2007

1. Black tights

Style guide tip: Tights seem to be everyone's fall favorite. Black is great, but to really be a trendsetter, try something textured or unexpected, like maroon tights under a grey skirt.

2. Giant fur trimmed shoes

Style guide tip: Fabulous furry boots were amazing down the runway, but haven't hit the stores yet. They'll be available at Bergdorf Goodman's — check out the Style Guide to find out when.

3. Shirt dress

Style guide tip: This is a Style Guide favorite and perfect for spring and fall. Try a collared dress for spring, and a long sleeve T-shirt dress with boots and tights for fall.

Isaac's Dressing Don'ts

1. Never listen to your husband.

2. Never feel rushed! It's better to be late than unfashionable.

3. Always leave the house feeling confident and centered.

Isaac's Favorite Celebs

1. Penelope Cruz

2. Cate Blanchett

Style guide tip: Both Oscar nominees have a knack for dressing both classic and sexy with a bit of old Hollywood glamour. Thanks to Isaac we can feel like we too just stepped onto the red carpet.

Style guide favorites:
The Penelope look

• Isaac Mizrahi for Target trapunto dress- French cream — $49.99

The Cate look

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