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Question 1: On Sunday morning, a car on fire in Southern California is believed to have started a wildfire, forcing hundreds from their homes and burning how many acres?

A. Less than 2,000
B. Over 2,000
C. Over 3,000
D. Over 10,000

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Question 2: On Monday, the Israeli ambassador to what Central American country was recalled after he was found drunk, naked and bound in sexual bondage gear in his yard?

A. Costa Rica
B. El Salvador
C. Honduras
D. Nicaragua

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Question 3: On Tuesday, a government official announced that stricter guidelines would be enacted for adopting Chinese orphans that will provide greater protection for the children without affecting their opportunities for adoption. Who leads the world in Chinese adoptions?

A. The United States
B. Spain
D. Angelina Jolie

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Question 4: On Tuesday, at the last stop on his Latin American tour, President Bush told Mexican President Felipe Calderon that he's committed to soothing strained U.S.-Mexico relations, including solving issues of drug-trafficking and immigration. Which of the following places did Bush NOT visit on his Latin American tour?

A. Brazil
B. Uruguay
C. Colombia
D. Paraguay

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Question 5: What meat-eating killer animal invaded a pond in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, leaving scientists wondering how to stop their deadly march?

A. Frogs
B. Alligators
C. Piranhas
D. Herons

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Question 6: Iran, which turned a deaf ear last year to protests over its attempt to rewrite history through a Holocaust conference, now is crying foul over what it calls a "fabrication of culture and insult" to Iranians in what Hollywood hit movie?

A. 300
B. The Number 23
C. 40 Days and 40 Nights
D. Murder by Numbers

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Question 7: On Wednesday, U.S. and Iraqi officials issued cautiously optimistic reports one month into the latest drive to curb sectarian bloodshed in Baghdad. According to a U.S. military spokesman, what is one possible reason why the level of sectarian killings had dropped significantly?

A. Unity between the Sunnis and Shiites
B. The absence of U.S. troops
C. The absence of anti-American chief Muqtada al-Sadr
D. All of the above

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Question 8: The Pentagon released a 26-page transcript of a hearing in which Al Qaeda chief Khalid Sheikh Mohammed claims he was involved in at least 31 terror attacks and plots, including the Sept. 11 attacks. He also admitted decapitating U.S. reporter Daniel Pearl. Which media group did Pearl work for?

A. The Associated Press
B. The Wall Street Journal
C. The New York Times
D. The Christian Science Monitor

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Question 9: Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel, one of the architects of the Democratic takeover on Capitol Hill, is telling freshman lawmakers to stay away from what late-night TV host? (Hint: He swiped the microwave from Bill O’Reilly's green room)

A. Jay Leno
B. Stephen Colbert
C. David Letterman
D. Conan O'Brien

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Question 10: On Thursday what comedian's death was falsely written about on Wikipedia?

A. Eddie Izzard
B. Dane Cook
C. Sinbad
D. Jay Leno

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BONUS Question: On Friday, FOX News 411 writer, Roger Friedman, acquired what new document about the Anna Nicole scandal?

A. DNA evidence showing Howard K. Stern is the father of Anna's baby, Dannielynn
B. DNA evidence showing Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna's baby, Dannielynn
C. A fax documenting a laundry list of drugs that Anna's psychiatrist prescribed to the pseudonym M.Chase
D. Documents from the medical examiner that detail how she died.

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