Eighth-Grader Known as 'Little Capone' Charged With Slaying of 13-Year-Old in Detroit

Young gang members cornered an older teen who they suspected had covered up their group's graffiti, and a 14-year-old shot him and killed a 13-year-old bystander, police said.

Caleb "Little Capone" Sosa was charged as an adult Thursday with first-degree murder and attempted murder. Conviction on the murder charge carries an automatic penalty of life in prison without parole.

The shooting occurred before dawn Feb. 11, when police said Sosa and two or three other young gang members set out to punish the 19-year-old for the painted-over graffiti. The man fled to a friend's house, where Sosa shot and wounded him, police said.

Christian Sanchez, 13, opened the door, and Sosa shot him in the head with the semiautomatic pistol, killing him instantly, police said.

Sosa was being held without bond. A court appearance was set for Thursday.

Sosa, an eighth grader, had no criminal record but said he has long been involved with a gang, police told the Detroit Free Press.

Defense lawyer Lillian Diallo declined comment after the hearing.