Why Alberto Gonzales Should Go

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Should Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stay or go?

The Dems and the liberals and the far lefties are calling for his head supposedly because he wanted to fire some United States attorneys. I say supposedly because that is not really what it's about.

Clinton fired 92 U.S. attorneys in one day. H.W. Bush did more or less the same thing and I think Jimmy Carter did, too. Presidents fire U.S. attorneys and replace them with their own choices. U.S. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president. When the pleasure is over, so are they, so to speak.

What this is really all about is bashing Bush and Cheney and Rummy and anybody else considered central to this administration. The liberals want to pummel Bush every time they get a chance. It will just further condemn him in the minds of voters, and the Dems and far lefties think it will make voters reluctant to ever vote Republican again. That is what it is about.

And that, I'm afraid, is why I think Gonzales should go. He's become Brownie; he's become Dubai ports; he's become Harriet Miers. He's become an enemy fire magnet and the president doesn't need any more enemy fire. He needs quiet and calm.

For all you people who say fight back you must realize one huge problem: Gonzales did, in fact, make a big mistake. He told the Senate Judiciary Committee — when it was controlled by Republicans — that he would bring any U.S. attorney nominee before them for confirmation. Then he got caught with a bunch of e-mails talking about how to avoid that. Mistake. Not huge, but big enough to give the Dems and the far lefties a hammer to pound on him and his boss.

His boss doesn't need any more pounding. It's time for Gonzales to realize he's become Brownie, and like Brownie, time's up.

Sorry. He really didn't do anything seriously wrong, but the political winds have shifted and people close to Bush have to make sure they don't open up the boss and the party to more abuse.

That's My Word.

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