Indianapolis Public Schools May Ban Jeans, Grills and Impose Uniform

Public school students in the state's largest school district will attend classes in uniform if a dress code recommended by a district task force is adopted.

Indianapolis Public Schools officials will present the proposed guidelines on March 22 at the first of five public meetings. The uniform policy will undergo public review before its adoption, the school said.

Superintendent Eugene White assembled a task force in response to complaints from district officials that students were attending school in excessively baggy pants and revealing shirts.

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The task force included students, parents, community members and staff. The team researched dress code policies from school districts in other cities, including Dallas, Philadelphia, Savannah and Birmingham.

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The proposal includes guidelines for each grade level from kindergarten to 12th grade. In general, boys would be required to wear khaki or dark colored pants with white or blue polo shirts. Girls would be required to wear skirts, Capri pants and collared blouses. High school students would be allowed to wear shirts with school colors.

The proposal would also bar students from wearing certain accessories, including "grills" or detachable gold teeth.

Schools that already have dress codes would be required to adhere to districtwide policy.

IPS has about 37,000 students.

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