Cynthia Rowley's Style Secrets for Busy Moms

With a full time job, school meetings, and little league games,
who has time to look stylish?

Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley understands your fashion woes! As a mom to two young girls, she knows what it's like to feel frazzled, but feels looking fashionable should be simple and affordable. Here are Cynthia's tips on pulling it off.

• Have a pair of ballet flats for spring and summer. Wear these in place of sneakers, they're just as comfortable, and have fun with colors and patterns like black paten leather and leopard.

Style guide tip: Ballet flats are perfect to pair with this spring's mini skirts, and always look great with jeans, capris, shorts and dresses.

Style guide favorite: Tory Burch "Reva" ballet for $195

• Have a great pair of boots for fall and winter.

Style guide tip: Buy a pair good black and brown boots, which should last several seasons if taken care of. Also, find great sales at the end of the winter season. Now is a perfect time!

Style guide favorite: Moda Spana tall leather boot in black and brown $109.99

• Get several pairs of dark tights.

Style guide tip: Textured tights are hotter than ever, and this season's leggings are just as great. Just make sure to keep this look appropriate for work. Pair tights and leggings with a dress or long shirt for a night out on the town.

Style guide favorite: Hue footless tights $7.99

• Get 3 short, comfortable, baby doll dresses. Buy in dark colors or prints to camouflage your "not so favorite" body parts".

Style guide tip: Baby doll dresses are incredibly versatile! They look great with tights, boots, flats and jeans.

Style guide favorite: Joie Logan jersey dress $165

• Have a great beret for bad hair days and embrace the new messy, tousled hairstyle.

Style guide tip: A neat ponytail is just as nice on days when your hair is misbehaving.

• Have a great pair of dark sunglasses. When you're on the run, forget about a full face of make-up. Apply some lip gloss and throw on your favorite pair of shades.

Style guide tip: If you're used to losing or breaking your sunglasses, buy a cheap pair! It's almost impossible to tell the pricey pairs from the money saving shades.

Style guide favorite: $9 and up

• Create a routine with your wardrobe. Choose and alternate between what looks best on you. For example purchase one pair of jeans, three pairs of ballet flats, four dresses and a scarf and mix and match.

Style guide tip: Buy your basics in black, white, beige and gray and then choose one or two accent colors.

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