Coffee Lover's Quiz Answers

Coffee Lover's Quiz Answers.

Question: Before they are roasted, coffee beans start out as what color?

Answer: B) Green. Coffee beans start out green in color. It is through the roasting process that their color changes to brown. More.

Question: True or False. Bach wrote a Catata about Coffee in 1732.

Answer: True. Bach released a cantata about coffee in 1732. It was written “in praise of the beverage.” More.

Question: A coffee tree has a life span of about how many years?

Answer: C) 50-70 years. When it is in bloom, the coffee tree is covered with 30,000 white flowers which begin to develop into fruit after 24 - 36 hours. More.

Question: What country imports and consumes the most coffee?

Answer: B) United States. The United States imports and consumes the most coffee in the world. Four out of five Americans drink it, consuming more than 400 million cups a day. More.

Question: The word “cappuccino” comes from the 16th century order of friars, whose hoods were called what?

Answer: A) Cappuccinos. The light brown color of the Capuchin friars’ hoods resembled the color of a cappuccino, which is an espresso coffee topped with steamed milk. More.

Question: True or False. Decaffeinated coffee is totally caffeine free.

Answer: False. Decaffeinated coffee contains about 3 milligrams of caffeine. A regular cup contains about 190 milligrams. More.

Question: What is the only state in the United States that commercially grows coffee?

Answer: C) Hawaii. No other state in the U.S. grows coffee commercially. More.

Question: True or False. An 8 oz. cup of green tea has less caffeine than a 1 oz. cup of espresso from Starbucks.

Answer: True. An 8 oz. cup of green tea has 30 milligrams of caffeine, while a 1 oz. cup of espresso from Starbucks has 35 milligrams of caffeine. More.

Question: In what year was the first espresso machine introduced?

Answer: D) 1822. The first espresso machine was introduced in 1822 by the French, but later was perfected and distributed by the Italians. More.

Question: How many coffee beans does it take to make an espresso?

Answer: C) 42. There are 42 coffee beans used to make one cup of espresso. More.

Question: What are the two most popular whole bean flavorings?

Answer: C)Hazelnut and Irish Cream. Hazelnut and Irish Cream are the most popular coffee flavorings. Commercially flavored coffee beans are flavored after they are roasted and partially cooled to around 100 degrees. Then the flavors are applied when the coffee beans' pores are open and are therefore more receptive to flavor absorption. More.

Question: How many milligrams of caffeine are there is a size Grande (16 oz.) cup of Starbucks coffee?

Answer: A) 550. There are 550 milligrams in a Grande cup of coffee from Starbucks. It would take 110 pieces of 1 oz. milk chocolate to equal the same amount. More.

Question: The original iced coffee was a French invention called mazagran made from what?

Answer: A) Cold coffee & seltzer water. The French invented the original iced coffee by just combining cold coffee and seltzer water. More.

Question: True or False. Coffee, as a commodity, is only second to oil.

Answer: True. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. Oil takes the top spot. More.

Question: Which food chain recently dominated a coffee taste test challenge?

Answer: B) McDonalds. McDonald’s coffee beat out coffee giants Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts in a recent coffee taste testing challenge done by Consumer Reports. More.