Advice for New Lawmakers Includes Staying Away From Colbert

"The Colbert Report" might be good for a laugh, but it might not be good for your career.

That and other advice is what Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel, one of the architects of the Democratic takeover on Capitol Hill, is giving to freshman congressmen who go astray from image ideals in the first months of the 110th Congress, The Hill reports.

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., said that despite an appearance last week on the Comedy Central show hosted by comedian Stephen Colbert, Emanuel has strongly encouraged new members to stay away.

"He said don't do it," Cohen said.

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Rep. Steve Kagen is another freshman who caught flak from Emanuel, after the Wisconsin Democrat made news for boasting to an anti-war group that he'd cornered presidential adviser Karl Rove and gave him the third-degree.

The Hill reports that Emanuel threw a fit, hauling Kagen's staff for lessons on damage control.